Monday, January 01, 2007

A photo no particular chronological order...

Disco Fever! yeah, baby.

These were taken toward the end of the night...well, middle...or some such...taken after much alcohol was imbibed.......
Unsure why I'm playing dead...I remember doing it! Just not why...... and I absolutely love this picture of John and Andrea, taken at about 2 am!

We all went out to keep Andrea company while she took care of the farm critters...head lamps on drunk folk are dangerous!
Andrea unsuccessfully hiding behind her daughter......
Me and My Honey! Both of us slightly (!!) sloshed.

Me taking the obligatory pictures of me with another person.....usually if I don't take these, I'm not in the pictures at all!
Then we have Mike tasting a lime.......

And John.....totin' veggies. Yeah, we live dangerously!
Have no fear, we rode horses in the late afternoon, before the really serious drinking began.

Somewhere along here are Kaia and Liam, playing with his new barn.

I learned how to layer drinks! It was quite fun, though as you can see I haven't perfected keeping clear stuff clear....the top layer is vodka.....

This drink was very yummy....Alabama Slammer!
These are only small peeks into the night. Nothing was shot of the Family Guy game that fizzled...( i just don't know enough of the answers!) Or the viewing of Bacon Sandwich's namesake on The Young Ones. Only one picture of the dancing was taken, which is probably a very good thing.

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