Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ten Things

well, I wasn't tagged, but I read Andrea's, and she was tagged by someone who just tagged everyone who read her site, so I figured I would just do it.


1. I take daily baths. Sometimes two. Only in extreme circumstances do I go a day without one.
2. I just started a teapot collection. So far I have 3. Soon I will have 4.
3. Sometimes I drink half and half instead of milk. I rarely drink less than whole milk.
4. I hate stopping to fill my car with gas. Will avoid it if at all possible, until I really need to.
5. I hate wearing things that show my knees. I think my knees look deformed.
6. When we move in a year, the only thing I will be really upset about is not living near Andrea anymore. It's been awesome living so close to her.
7. I will never smoke another cigarette, even just in a social situation. I have promised my daughter I wouldn't.
8. I hardly ever wear lipstick. I feel uncomfortable with it on, it seems to accentuate my mustache.
9. I love naps, but only if they are an hour or longer. Any shorter and I get grumpy.
10. I have just recently decided to decorate my future kitchen in mostly red.

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