Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Undone.

SO MUCH TO DO. my gosh. I have plans, people! plans! and ideas! and so little time and money to do them are a few of the things I want to do....

Get a smaller desk so that we can move the table so we can move the bookshelf so we can move Kaia's kitchen to a spot that is out of the way of Mike's toes and knees. I have not stubbed or bumped anything on it in months, but Mike just takes up more room than me I guess....

Replace the bookshelf in my room that is about to crash down...or at least, it looks that's hoping I'm wrong....

Get a garden shed, and a garden shelf, and get all my gardening stuff organized out back, removing it all from the dining room.

Get more of my scrap booking done. This is more something that will take years, if it's ever done (as I keep taking pictures) but I'd like to get a bit more caught up.

Get a couple more little wood things to keep DVDs in. They are at Michael's for like two bucks each...and then decide...should I paint them? stain them? lacquer them? I have a feeling what will happen at first is I just put the damn DVDs in them. which will be a good thing, anyway.

Get a new file cabinet, and consolidate all my files into one place, making copies of really important stuff and putting it in a safety deposit box.

Get Kaia's desk sanded and repainted so she can start using it. Right now it's at John and Andrea's, sitting forlornly out in the cold, waiting for me to come show it some love.

Then set up said desk in an easily accessible yet out of the way spot for Kaia to do her homework on.

so any of you interested in being my unpaid assistant and constantly reminding me of these things? possibly even helping carry them out? no? really? there are cinnamon rolls in it for you......still no? alright, that's okay. They WILL get done.

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