Saturday, September 30, 2006

alright people, I'm fine... :-)

I get melancholy when it's late and I've just finished a sad book. I'm really okay though.

got some cleaning done today, though could definitely do some more...if I weren't feeling so lazy. It's a beautiful day outside! sunny and warm.

We're going grocery shopping in a bit, need to go over to the next town so I can try to find some spelt bread for Mike, who's trying not to eat wheat because of his Ulcerative Colitis.

Then we are heading over to Andrea's to spend the night. Mike is staying here to get some work done. Tomorrow I'm helping paint their trim on their house. Tonight we drink mead! yum.

We are thinking of getting the Nintendo Wii as a family Christmas gift. There's some kid games available, and you can also buy old Nintendo games through it for $5-$15! I like car games. It's a really cool system, much more interactive than old consoles. We will see, it's not a sure thing yet. And you know Mike and I have SO much time to play video games!

damn it! I just saw the spider that got away from Mike earlier, but by the time Mike came in to get him, he disappeared again. It cracks me up, Kaia is not afraid of spiders, though she doesn't like them. I get off the couch if one is on the curtains, She climbs up and puts her face three inches from the creature. "yep" she says "he's a biter!"

it's late. that's my only excuse.

wow...been a little while, for me, since I wrote anything. busy.

Just stayed up late finishing a really good book. Little Earthquakes...can't remember the author. Bought it thinking it was going to be a lighthearted book about friendship and motherhood, and here I am, my eyes swollen from crying at all the sad bits. still an excellent book though. Mike laughs at me when I cry from reading a book, and then say how good it was. hmmm.....laughs in a loving way, of course.

there are bugs from our new bed. I think. Not sure how they could be, it was only in a garage for one night, but since night before last, which was the first night it was here, both Mike and I have found a bunch of those little moth-type bugs. the little triangle shaped ones...wait, I guess most moths are triangle shaped, huh? well, anyway, I hope they are gone's creepy finding bugs on me all night. still love the bed.

it's been awhile since I've been awake at midnight, and later. So busy lately. I like everything I am doing, but not used to it yet.

having a hard time getting into the whole class thing. English 101. need to start my essay.

came home restless today. really not in a working mood at work either. not sure where the restlessness is coming from.

I would like to go to Egypt. Jason is thinking about going in ...February I think. I would also like to go to Portugal, and Ireland. Mexico, and some tropical island, oooooo....Jamaica! Germany. Australia. Africa...yes, I know those are continents, but can't at the moment think of exact areas, and anyway, I'm not that educated about exact areas....

Have I mentioned my ire about not having an accent? The Pacific Northwest is the only area of the US with no discernible accent. and no, having an American accent does not make me feel better, especially since I don't know any foreign languages yet to speak with an American accent. I love accents.

I have two scars on my stomach. I still haven't figured out how I feel about them. I have gotten to the point where I don't care if they show, and have still been thought to have a sexy belly with them, but they are still flaws. I sometimes feel I have enough of those without the scars. The scars tell stories though. stories that are part of me, stories that tell who I am and why.

do you remember your life vividly? I don't, and I don't know if that's normal. If I actively think of a certain time in my life, I can remember events, details. It's hard to remember thoughts, feelings though. and it's hard to just try to look back on my life as a whole and remember details...such as.....why did I get a divorce? NOT saying I regret's more, why did I do the things that led to the separation that led to the getting back together that led to the separation that led to the divorce that led to the getting back together that led to the final leaving? what was I thinking at each of these apexes? (is that the right word?) why did I choose to do and say, or not do or say, so many of the things in my life? I can't remember...and it seems to me that so many of them were done, or not done, because they were the passive choice. the choice with the least discomfort for me. I hate confrontation. I hate hurting people, but have done so out of inaction....and action. I hate being hurt. doesn't everyone though.

I am glad, so glad, I am not the person I was at 20...21...25. Will I be happy with the changes in me at 35? 40? 80? What will I look back on and say, what the hell was I thinking?

One thing I do know about myself is that my idea of acceptable behavior differs from most everyone else's. and I see so clearly how my way works. (of course)

there is so much time wasted on hate, jealousy, greed, grudges.

can I raise my daughter to be happy? to be kind? to be content? to be loving, and generous, and thoughtful, and strong, and confidentunselfishempatheticcapableloyalgivingfiercehardworkingandsomuchmore?

How do I do that? How do I know what's right? she cried tonight when she went to bed, and I let her, and left her because she can't get into the habit of drawing out bedtime with tears, and I have to be consistent but I know that sometimes I don't spend enough time with her but you know? the dishes need done, and the laundry, and the damn livingroom doesn't clean itself, and I am simply not good at sitting on the floor playing with horses, or polly pocket, and i need to come up with ways to spend time with her. I don't ignore her by any means, please don't think that. and I love my daughter so much.

I have a headache. and I have babbled on long enough.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am a bubble head!

oh for bob's sake.

I just backed up my blog onto my computer, and read snippets of entries here and there. My head is a sieve, I swear. I write posts vowing to start this and that, and to blog about it daily, then not only never blog about it, but never remember to do it! I say I am going to write down what I spend. forget about it. I ask for advice on what to write. forget to take it. I remembered my Simplicity Lessons that I only did one lesson in...then forgot them. I just flit through life picking up causes and ideas and goals then blithely toss them aside to mold! sigh.

I wish I knew HTML, then I could write side lists like with MSN Spaces.....Hopefully next summer Mike can write our personal blog site with everything I want!

Will catch up on my activities (Kaia had so much fun in the play!) tomorrow. No promises on catching up on promised posts though. still very busy.

have a good night folks!
by the way, yes, I realize the article is a joke. One that is frighteningly close to the truth for some girls these days.

what is WRONG with this picture?!

okay, first of all, I am ALL FOR sex ed and I will get my daughter birth control when she reaches a certain age.


WHAT THE F^*%K!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

heart broke? nope...

Kaia asked me yesterday...

"What does it mean when someone breaks up with you?" (remember her boyfriend Anthony)

"It means you aren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. Why?"

"'Cause Anthony broke up with me the other day." (she is coloring, perfectly happy)

"Oh! Why did he break up with you?" (do I really want to pursue this conversation?!)

"He doesn't love me anymore" (still coloring, she says this quite nonchalantly, still quite happy)

"Oh. Well. umm... you okay?" (shouldn't I not being having this conversation until she's, oh, say, THIRTY!?!)

"Yep! How do you draw a bunny?"

Sunday, September 24, 2006

statement. query.

I want to clean my entire house. every nook and cranny. This little drawer in the desk. Under the bathroom sink. re-organize all my kitchen cupboards. I want a specific easy-to-get-to file where all my important papers are. A place for Kai to do homework that includes everything that was in the "A Place for Your Child to do Homework" paper that her teacher sent home. ("ideally, your child's feet should touch the floor. The place should be quiet and clear of any other papers or clutter.") !!!!!!!!

But i sit here. the task seems impossible. oh, and I want garden supply areas! A nice armoire-style garden closet! and space for the garden itself, have I mentioned that at all!?

this apartment is larger than many 2 bedroom places out there. it has storage closets, and a bathroom with two sinks. but I want more. I always do. why can't I find that zen place wherein I am at peace with my surroundings? I want to get rid of clutter! but I have, and want most of what's left, I just want more room to put it! I want floor space where I can stretch out and do dance DVD's.

I want. I want. I want.

I know, I am so lucky in what I have. I have everything and more that i need. again, why can't I be happy with it? not just resigned, not temporarily willing to deal until later...but genuinely content with the now? how do I make myself feel the way I know I should? How do I get into my thick head that I am rich beyond many peoples' dreams!?! I can tell myself that over and over. I can even say "yes I'm happy" yet still I dream of new towels and a matching soap dispenser.

are you happy? content with what you currently have, not wishing for one more thing in your life? do I know anyone in that state of complete repletion? is it possible? if not, WHY?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

we're at the end of the movie. I've turned on my laptop to IMDB the flick (that's whose voice that is!!).

The end credits play.

Kaia jumps up, and begins to boogie. she says something I don't catch. "I'm busy, darlin'" I say, my eyes on the monitor. (looking up the trivia)

She shakes her booty into the dining room. I hear her talking to her daddy. She comes back, he follows. "dance Daddy! dance!"

I look up and he grins at me.

"Mom! come on! get up and dance with Daddy!"

"I'm bu--" I look at her, shaking what she's got.

I put down my laptop, get up, and grab my husband around the waist.

"No mom! you hold your hands like this!" she holds one hand at shoulder level, the other at waist level, waltz style. The music is hip-hop, forest critter style. alrighty then.

My husband and I move to the beat. Our daughter bounces up and down beside us.

"dance with us!" I say, laughing.

"no, no! you dance together! kids don't dance with grownups!"


"oh come on, dance with us!" we each hold out a hand.

"No!" She is happy though, grinning, laughing, bouncing.

She grabs our clasped hands and yells "1, 2, 3, lift me up!!" Mike does, then lowers her down, as she giggles.

After a few minutes the song changes...another critter hoe-down.

Mike and I stop dancing together, and we dance in a group of three.

We boogie, we groove. (though no awards would be won)

Life, you know, is good. yes it is

yes it is.

first of all, ya gotta watch "Hoodwinked". cutest kid's movie I've seen in a long time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

whew! Having fun though...

busy busy busy week. did I mention how busy my week has been!? (and Aunt Carol, I love doing the lessons, so stop worrying!)

Here is how my week has gone so far. and? except for the head cold, I've enjoyed it all.

Monday- did dishes, dropped Kaia off at school, went to work, picked Kaia up at kindergarten (after calling because I actually had no idea what time kindergarten is over. three, in case you are interested.) , took her to the community play audition, then we rushed to swimming lessons, came home, fed her some sort of unacceptable dinner, did my nightly lesson. (reminder, these are not lessons that I am doing as a student, but as a writer and editor. (how snotty about it can I get?!)) then bathed and went to bed.

Tuesday - dishes, Kaia to school, me to work, picked up Kaia, went to Andrea's for dinner and to watch Liam, came home, put Kaia to bed, did lesson.

Wednesday - woke up early, did dishes, dropped Kaia off at school, went to work, took phones to our other store, (somewhere in there I realized I forgot my damn phone at work), picked Kaia up at preschool, rushed to rehearsal, then to swimming, picked up my phone at work, got Kaia's hair trimmed for school pics on Thursday, went home, made another unacceptable dinner, put Kaia to bed, did lesson. did NOT bathe, went to bed.

Thursday - Woke up with sore throat. took Kai to school, went to store to get paper grocery bag for costume storage and sore throat drops, went to work, picked up Kaia from kindergarten, went to UPS, found out needed to go to other UPS, didn't have time, went to rehearsal, came home, made dinner (sort of), did lesson, went to store for more cold stuff, stronger this time, and bread plus various groceries, came home, bathed, went to bed.

Today - got up early to make Kaia's lunch for dress rehearsal today, packed her bag for Swim & Gym at preschool, forgot to have her actually wear her bathing suit under her clothes, made coffee which I then forgot to bring, drank Theraflu, took Kaia to preschool, came to work. Plan for rest of day - pick up Kaia at kindergarten, take her to rehearsal. stay there until they start actual dress rehearsal, then I get kicked out and need to go to correct UPS place. Then go home, either take a nap or do dishes, depending on how I feel, then get Mike, and go to play!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Great Day for Kaia

two awesome things happened for Kaia today.

1. She auditioned for a community play "Beauty Lou and the Country Beast". It's apparently a country version of the story, with a rodeo and all. Kaia got a part of a "Farm Critter" she is of course hoping to be a horse, but we won't find out until Wednesday.

It was hard watching her up there! I wanted to help her out..."honey, they want you to do this...honey, you can do that!! You do that all the time!" She started out very quiet, but got into it later. I was very proud of her- the group audition was two hours long, and she sat up on the stage with the other kids the whole time, and was very calm and quiet.

The performance is Friday! Wish her luck!

2. She swam....wait for it.....the ENTIRE length of the big pool, by HERSELF. The teacher was next to her, and two or three times had to steady her for a second or straighten her out, but the ENTIRE length was under her own power and floatation skills! She also jumped off the diving board, no fear!

GO KAIA! You ROCK, my child.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A favorite day of the year.

all right, here's the play by play of our day yesterday.

We met Andrea's family at around 11, and started by checking out the goats and cows. Kaia really loves the livestock part of the fair, though not as much as the rides of course!

We were all pretty hungry, and lo and behold! Gyros!! Kaia had her first gyro, and loved it. We also shared an elephant ear, but the people at that fair always are the same, and they over cook them...and make them too thin, which is why they are over cooked I think.

Then it was off to the rides! We bought armbands, and the kids started out on the bears--kind of a tilt-a-whirl in a bear belly. Those kind of rides make me nauseas, so I took pics. (an email to friends and family will follow when the pics are on my online site).

The kids went on a few more kiddie rides, the balloons being the favorite by far of Katia and Kaia. Liam was a bit scared at first, but after a couple of times on the dragons, where he had control of whether it went up, he remembered the joy and had fun on some others. Kaia and I went down the slide a couple times, but on that end of the park that's the only one I can do. Kaia went on the small roller coaster, sat in front (like you should on any coaster!) and then we all went on the carousel.

We decided to head over to the other, big ride side of the park. Katia braved the Tornado with her family, while Liam, Kaia, and I watched. Kaia went on all the big rides that she was tall enough to go on, and then Andrea and I decided to try the zipper! That's a ride I've never been on, but I figured it would be okay since instead of spinning side to side, you spin head over feet, which doesn't make me sick. (go figure)

The first time we went on it, we had a sane ride operator, and though of course I screamed at the fun parts, I wasn't fearful of my life. Later, we went on it again, and the carnie in charge was pissed about something, and possibly on drugs, or had been at some point in his life until it seriously affected his brain. He started and stopped it with intensity, and ran it like he was seriously trying to kill us. We also noticed a few extra creaks, grinds, and clunks in the machinery that had not been present before. Had fun this time as well, but was a bit more....terrifying.

The ferris wheel. Always a fun, calm ride. This ride could have been a sedative. This was, no joke, the SLOWEST ferris wheel I have EVER been on. I didn't realize it could GO that slow. I'm serious here, it was LAUGHABLE. The line and the ride took forever.

Kaia won a turtle by catching a duck, and a ladybug by popping some balloons. She went through the mirror "maze" about 9 times, and ate a caramel apple and some popcorn.

We looked at Katia's artwork, and checked out the cows and pigs. Kaia and I shared a philly cheese steak. The kids went on more rides, and more.

Afterwards, we went out for Mexican food, yum!! Got home around 9, and went to bed!!!

Can't wait til next year!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Whew! That was a BLAST. 8, yes, EIGHT hours of walking, and rides, and games, and fun. oh, and food....

lots to tell, but SOOO I will leave you with the first posted picture of this blog...Kaia, ridin' the saucer, dude.

more tomorrow.

Friday, September 15, 2006

smallish tidbits





I thought I had a lot of things to say ....but now I can't remember them.

well, I guess I'll just randomly write things...

My lettuce mixes are sprouted, but because of the F'ing sprinklers, they are getting over watered. Getting some stuff to take care of that this weekend.

Also getting a new vacuum this weekend! I'm so excited. The vacuum we have is about 5 years old, and has had the same filter the whole time, since no one sells them anymore! It's supposed to be changed once a year...not gonna make that mistake again, will buy a few replacement filters with my new one.

ALSO going to the County Fair this weekend. Kaia loves fairs, and so do I! We get the bracelets that allow unlimited rides and just have a blast. She gets annoyed that she's too short to go on a lot of the rides, but has a blast on the ones she's allowed. She likes the livestock barns too. Will take pictures and maybe actually post some?!!

I emailed a good friend from high school that I haven't talked to in about 10 years. He was a really interesting person, I hope he emails me back so we can catch up. He's still in Vancouver, so next time I go down there, I'm hoping to see him.

I fear that my other lettuce, the iceberg, is having an identity crisis. It seems to think it's dandelions. It grew to the exact size and shape of dandelion leaves, and there is stayed. It doesn't seem to even realize it's supposed to form into a head, much less have plans to do so.

My saffron crocus bulbs arrived!! Now I just have to wait until my bulb food gets here and I am on my way to producing the most expensive spice in the world! I realized I don't think I've ever actually eaten saffron rice, but looking forward to it!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

at least she hasn't mentioned marriage this time

Kaia has a boyfriend. His name is Anthony, and he's

"very nice, and VERY funny"

and in case you're wondering, to a five year old, what makes a boyfriend different from a friend?

"We play together....and we hold hands...."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What She Wants To Be

I asked my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up.

"A sister, a mom, a teacher, and a zoo keeper"

you go, girl.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Kaia's first swimming lesson in her new level was today. She is in the big pool now, which she was a bit nervous about, until she found out Helena, a friend from school, is in her class, then she was all smiles and excitement. Helena's mom and I talked, which was SO much better than sitting there bored the whole time. I like her mom- can't remember her name, must ask-though she is a bit intense. That's okay, I come from a long line of intense women!

anyway, she said she'd had Helena in private lessons, and that they were really good. The aquatic center also offers semi-private lessons, in which two kids share a teacher for half an hour. The cost is only slightly more than the public lessons, in which 5 kids share one teacher for 50 minutes---so that's 10 minutes overall per kid!! Compared to 15 minutes overall per kid, which isn't a huge difference, but they get more one on one time.... She said if I was interested, next session we could do that. Sounds great to me! It's only once a week, so would have more time at home, or could take her to the public swim once a week too.

alright, it's time to go read with Kaia....have a good night y'all!
my love and prayers go out to the family and friends of those who died 5 years ago. The horror and sadness I felt then and feel now doesn't compare to what you went through, what they went through.

Something small everyone can do:

call someone you love. tell them.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I gotta get to bed...but first....

Hello All! Welcome to the weekend update!

Yesterday, Saturday, I tragically woke up to find out that we were out of coffee. Tea failed to suffice. Didn't get a whole lot of cleaning done, but did get some more mesclun and lettuce mixes planted. Kaia and I were going to once again attempt to make sugar cookies, but found we were out of vanilla. We made cupcakes instead.

Today, after yet again not getting much cleaning done, Kaia and I headed out to Andrea's, leaving Mike to get some of his never-ending, ever-increasing homework done. We had a wonderful time!!

First, Andrea, Katia and I went riding out on the road, me on Dani, Katia on Coda, and Andrea on Soxy. Had such fun, trotted and POSTED!! I'm sure I messed it up, having almost no actual knowledge on how it works, but it felt good, and I trotted for longer than I normally do! Dani gives this wonderful "what now?!" look whenever I asked her to stop. She's awesome.

Then when we got back from that, Andrea and I switched horses, and Andrea ponied (that means held a lead rope while riding) Coda, and Kaia rode Coda. We just went around the property that time. Kaia had a blast, though I kept worrying she was going to fall of. She didn't of course. She LOVES riding...need to get her another lesson.

We had a delicious pesto pasta dinner, and cookies for dessert. John's chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best!

I need to get to bed early tonight, get ready for another week. Kaia starts swimming again this week, and she's in the big pool with big kids this time! She's a bit nervous, but will warm up quickly I think. I bought her a new pair of goggles as a surprise.

Have a wonderful Monday, folks, and be sure to notice all the good things in your life.

Friday, September 08, 2006

side note

today in the grocery store, my daughter seemingly yells out "OH HELL NO!"

I say "WHAT DID you say!?"

she innocently replies "I said- 'oh! cow milk!'"

sure enough, we are in dairy.....

"oh, I thought you said something else, something bad"

"what did you think I said mom? did you think I said 'I want sugar?'"
I want to whine. I want to complain about how some people use LOGIC and REASONS and all that crap to make THOUGHT-OUT decisions that ARE NOT what I want. I want to bitch about the fact that the MAIN reason (now that we are all being honest here) that I want to move is not a good enough one to outweigh all the reasons we shouldn't. I want to rant about how when designing these damn apartments they didn't TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION that NO ONE should build a north facing patio JUST IN CASE one of their tenants may want to grow their own vegetables. Or give me SOME space in front. just a few square feet. Drat this whole having-to-be-responsible gig! I WANT A GARDEN DAMMIT.

ramblings of a bored woman

so i'm sitting here at work so bored that I don't even care if boss man reads this blog and says well then you should be..oh..I don't know...WORKING!!

It's Friday. I have things to do. I think. can't think of them at the moment...oh yes. clean. organize. decide if i am going to move. which i am leaning against actually. it seems the pros are probably not outweighed by the cons.BUT I WANT THEM TO BE. I want to have my container garden! I want to grow my own veggies! and blueberries! okay, now i'm leaning towards wanting to move. but I don't know how mike feels about it, and that is if course important. and also?? I want a wrist pad for this keyboard.

I get my first check for the textbook work next week!!! I am so excited! For however long this job lasts, it's going to be fun..and monetarily productive!

Aunt Jemima's Magic Surprise Mini Pancakes in Strawberry Shortcake flavor are YUMMY!!!!!! I'm addicted.

I just realized something today. something trivial and vain, but new and fun! I was walking to work, and I am wearing a short dress, and saw my reflection in the door window, and realized....I have Sexy Legs. it makes me happy in a yes-it's-shallow-but-still kinda way.

did not eat oatmeal this morning. was in a hurry because Kaia had to get to preschool early for swim and gym. too lazy at the mo to explain that.

she has her first class pictures on the 21st!!! I'm so excited!!! The downside is that no matter what I have her wear, and no matter how I do her hair, she has 4 hours of preschool in between me getting her cute and the pictures actually being taken. this means she will arrive for pictures with nothing in her hair anymore, and a filthy shirt. oh well...I guess it will be an accurate portrayal of her kindergarten year, yes?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

revised pros and cons after viewing

After having seen the house, here is a new list of the pros and cons of moving. These are in addition to the ones I've already mentioned, though some are repeated due to importance.


A lot more storage space.
A separate area for our desk and possibly a craft area.
Quiet neighborhood, semi secluded back yard.
good area for cats to transition between mom's place and a town later on.
excellent back deck for container gardening.
utility sink in laundry area (don't know why, I just like them.)
bigger kitchen
dish washer!
garage for in the winter- no scraping car windows
free pool table (unsure of quality, or presence of balls and stick things)
consistent internet.


There are not two complete bedrooms. (but there are more rooms than here. confusing, I know)
Mike would have to bike to school or ride the bus.
basement main room is not finished.
bathroom is upstairs, bedrooms downstairs
basement stairs are a bit steep - this is only a consideration because of kids.
Will add about $100 to our monthly expenditures.

update tidbits

Kaia has returned to wearing dresses and skirts only.

My lettuce seems to be doing well, but I have no frame of reference. I'd post a pic for outside review, but I'm afraid my lettuces would be laughed at, and I'm not sure their fragile egos could handle it.

Work with Carol is going well. The first book is almost finished, just a slight bit of editing on my part left to do. Starting on next book on Monday.

Went and saw the potential house today. Unfortunately, I have no idea which way I am leaning. There are a few definite downsides, well, mainly one. There are some upsides. Still ruminating.

I'm really missing everyone back in Vancouver. Friends, family, the works. I miss you guys. More than I let you know.

I have eaten oatmeal two mornings in a row. Eating oatmeal every morning has been an unspoken goal this past week. Gotta get those lost pounds back on, plus some. Also restarting the Snickers-a-day diet.

I realize every day how lucky I am in this life. My families-both the one in which I am a child and the one in which I am a parent- are so rare in their abundance love and support. I have so many things to be thankful for, so much joy to see right in front of me.

gotta go, Kaia's crying about something. and she needs a bath. goodnight, all.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Proof of alien abduction

For the last five days, my daughter has done a very strange thing. She will get up, and when told to get dressed, she will put on pants. on her own. Voluntarily. I'm not sure what's going on. This is the child who for the last TWO YEARS has shrieked about parental abuse when forced to wear pants on rare occasions (you cannot ride the rides at the carnival unless you wear pants. you cannot ride a horse unless you wear pants. and what's amazing is that these decisions then took thought on her part.)

I haven't asked her why yet. I'm worried she'll look down and suddenly say "oh my gosh! I'm wearing pants!". Or she'll just shrug and in typical 5 year old style say "Dunno, because I wanted to."

I'm very pleased. This means a few good things. She won't freeze this winter. She won't flash everyone on the playground at kindergarten. And she'll use that half of her extensive wardrobe.

On a more tragic note, my starbucks gift card is empty. I must subside on tea and homemade coffee. and we know how my cups respond to a mixture of coffee and cream.

Monday, September 04, 2006

FORCED to buy Starbucks

I'm confused. This morning, I made coffee. Water CAN'T go sour, and I've never heard of coffee grounds going cream is perfectly good - I smelled it from the carton. BUT I poured it in my coffee, and immediately this horrible sour milk smell arose from my previously delectable smelling cup. WHY!!?!? There is no history of coffee making cream go bad...I don't think it's chemically possible.

So WHAT happened!?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Written by Kaia

This is a song Kaia had me write down in an email to her Uncle Mick--

I don't know what you're doing
All the things I see
You know I'm going back to Northwest!
And I'm on my way
and I love you all the hope
so I love it
and you know I
the great great world
and the tune of my singing
so you need to go back
and hurry
and it's all your words words words words
so I like it
whee whee this is fuuun!
wee wah wah wah
wah wah wah
wee wee wee

Saturday, September 02, 2006


You know, you would think a university would understand the need for a consistent internet connection. You would also think they would understand the concept of firewalls.

Nope on both counts. The U that Mike goes to apparently feels that neither are necessary or even rational to ask for.

One excellent reason to move the few miles is this.

Here are all the pros and cons that I can think of right now....


More space
Better internet connection!!

More garden space
Walk in closets
Bigger kitchen
Dishwasher (I think)
Air conditioning!


Higher rent
More expensive Internet
Lawn to mow/water
Water/sewer/garbage not paid
Have to pack
Mike would have to ride the bus
Not right next to pre-school

We are going to look at it on Wednesday. There is still only one bathroom, but there is a third room, but no closet in it. Walk in closet in the main bedroom.

The gardening situation here isn't good at all. I'd be able to have more containers there.

decisions. you know, I'm really lucky to have these sort of decisions to make.