Friday, September 08, 2006

ramblings of a bored woman

so i'm sitting here at work so bored that I don't even care if boss man reads this blog and says well then you should be..oh..I don't know...WORKING!!

It's Friday. I have things to do. I think. can't think of them at the moment...oh yes. clean. organize. decide if i am going to move. which i am leaning against actually. it seems the pros are probably not outweighed by the cons.BUT I WANT THEM TO BE. I want to have my container garden! I want to grow my own veggies! and blueberries! okay, now i'm leaning towards wanting to move. but I don't know how mike feels about it, and that is if course important. and also?? I want a wrist pad for this keyboard.

I get my first check for the textbook work next week!!! I am so excited! For however long this job lasts, it's going to be fun..and monetarily productive!

Aunt Jemima's Magic Surprise Mini Pancakes in Strawberry Shortcake flavor are YUMMY!!!!!! I'm addicted.

I just realized something today. something trivial and vain, but new and fun! I was walking to work, and I am wearing a short dress, and saw my reflection in the door window, and realized....I have Sexy Legs. it makes me happy in a yes-it's-shallow-but-still kinda way.

did not eat oatmeal this morning. was in a hurry because Kaia had to get to preschool early for swim and gym. too lazy at the mo to explain that.

she has her first class pictures on the 21st!!! I'm so excited!!! The downside is that no matter what I have her wear, and no matter how I do her hair, she has 4 hours of preschool in between me getting her cute and the pictures actually being taken. this means she will arrive for pictures with nothing in her hair anymore, and a filthy shirt. oh well...I guess it will be an accurate portrayal of her kindergarten year, yes?

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Carol said...

Suggestion: Take a quick photo for her with home cam before heading out of the door that day.
You will have two photos to tell the story later, a "before" and an "after" of that important day.