Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden Girl

Kaia's been awesome at helping me keep the tomatoes watered. Check out how big they're getting! And one even has some orange starting to show!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Kaia has a bracelet that has been her "most special-est, favorite-est thing in the whole world" for WEEKS now. She doesn't take it off unless she absolutely HAS to, and has managed not to lose it despite taking it to school every day.

So what possible explanation does she have for why she gave it to "Amy at school" to wear "just for a while", and then forgot to ask for it back, so now Amy has taken it home, possibly never to remember to bring it back?! Causing tearful hysteria when said bracelet is remembered on the way home?!

"She asked me for it."

The power of No, child. Use it. I know you know how.

Various Mutterings

Had a Dr. appt this morning. Went fine, am now going to every two weeks, until week 36, when it'll be every week. We tentatively scheduled the c-section for Monday, October 1st!

Mike and I had an interesting and convoluted conversation this morning on the way into town about Time. Basically, it started out with talking about if time were stopped, but you were still aware of your surrounding - or not stopped with it- then (this was the first part) one, you'd be blind, since the light bouncing off of things into your eyes would be stopped too...and two, that you'd be dead, since all the air around you would be frozen, so you wouldn't be able to breathe. Oh, and three, that you couldn't move, since again, the frozen air around you. The conversation spiralled from there, going into how you could solve those problems. Without going into excruciating detail (the conversation lasted about 40 minutes) it boiled down to needed an EXTREMELY high level of technology. It was a fun conversation.

I finished the last Harry Potter book. Overall, I was quite happy with how it ended. I was also very pleased that I had guessed about Snape's patronus being the doe, and had to listen to Mike laughing off my guess, then having to come back to me and admit I was right!
Snape's ending was sad. I had been hoping all along that he was actually good, and he was, deep down, but it was sad he had to die (though, really, inevitable I think) and even more sad about his unrequited love for Lilly. I still don't get how Lilly ended up with James, since he was such as ass in school.
I loved how she put an epilogue at the end, 19 years later. I knew Ron and Hermione would get together of course, and glad that Harry and Ginny did, too. I was happy he named one of his sons Severus, as well as other sons after other cool characters. I would have liked to hear what happened to other characters, good and bad.
It was sad that Fred, Lupin, and Tonks died, but I think it wouldn't have been realistic to have none of the good guys die in the final battle.
I love how it was all orchestrated by Dumbledore, the wand being taken by Snape with the previous owner's permission, so not to have it take Snape as it's owner, and how Harry ended up being it's owner by default.

We're house sitting for John and Andrea this week. It's going well, despite my previous email about money issues! Kaia enjoys looking for eggs and having the dogs around, though she is pissed she can't ride until Andrea comes back. Even with all the animals and trees, it's a really easy house sitting venture, as Andrea has good systems set up, and it's summer, so almost no supplementing going on.

That's it for now I think....Let me know what YOU thought of Harry Potter!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

good for power outages...

Mike was looking for some tape.....

"I found some...but it's electrical tape."

Kaia looked up. "Electrical tape?"

"yep", I said.

"She looked confused. "Does it turn on?"

Friday, July 27, 2007

Trying to act like the adult I am.

I cannot wait until next year. Next year, we will be able to go to movies, and buy books and go to our friends' birthday parties. Next year, I will be able to go to the store and not have to think "ok, so I can't spend more than such and such on this week's dinners". Next year, I won't have to look at my fucking checking account balance and see that I have $15 to last us until next Friday, when we have to drive 30 minutes twice each day for the next week plus buy food.

Actually, we have enough food in our pantry for me to make it work. I just feel like feeling sorry for myself for a few minutes, ok? I realize my situation is of my own making, I thought we could go to the movies last weekend, and go out to lunch, and buy the last Harry Potter book. What I had FORGOTTEN was that I had set my back account to automatically send my health insurance payment each month, because since they've re-instated us once, if we are late even ONCE than we no longer have insurance, which ISN'T AN OPTION right now. So I forgot, dumb shit that I am, and on the 25th $360 disapparated (see my attempt at Harry Potter humor there?!) out of my account when I had not expected it, and now we have $15.

The reason I didn't have more in there, and more in savings is that at the beginning of this month, I was thinking we had extra money, because Michael spent so little in California, so paid off all the medical bills from earlier this year that have been threatening to go to collections if I didn't pay the balances. Luckily, insurance paid for a LOT of that, but there was still quite a bit to pay. So of course I was feeling all proud of myself for getting that debt taken care of when I realized that most of that money was supposed to be saved to cover the 2 weeks Mike was not working. Thought I still barely had that under control, just one $25 late fee for late rent (which is bad yes, but not as bad as it could have been...I thought...), when this happened.

Another place I have been spending more money is lunches. I have been trying to eat well, so buying a yogurt and banana and other fruit to eat with any leftovers for lunch. On days that I don't have leftovers, I also buy soup. That's about $5 daily. Gonna have to think up a new strategy. Think maybe baby can get all the nutrients he needs from daily meals of rice? I have a lot of rice.

Okay, so writing all of this, I do realize (and did before) that though it's not that I've been just throwing money away on crap, I can change what I have been doing to save money. I need to use what's in my pantry for dinners and lunches. We need to just not go to the occasional movie, or meal with friends.

Five months. I can do this. I'm fucking 30 years old and I can figure out how to make this work on what we bring home. I am a half way intelligent person who can refrain from spending money when I need to. Cause right now, I am really pissed off at myself.

okay, sorry you had to read all of that. if you even got through it, which I don't think many probably did. I had to write it all out to get it straight in my head. I wish I had this finance thing down already, seems I should at my age. Now that my house stays pretty clean, this is my next goal. Stop being a dumbshit about money, once and for all.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

two movies, a massage, lunch, and a moms only "outing"!! Spoiled this weekend!

We actually watched this movie yesterday, and Harry Potter today, but I love the Die Hard movies, so we took a picture in front of this one.

Harry Potter is good, don't get me wrong. We went with John and Andrea and their kids, and had a great time. Afterward we went to lunch, then Andrea and I went to the Laundromat to wash some stuff. The first one we went to was a comedy of errors....I spilled Andrea's coffee, then dripped it all across the laundromat, earwigs abounded, and there was only one large washer at that one. We decided to try out the other one in town and didn't fare much better, it only had two...the ones they called "double loaders" were TINY!! We had to use to triple loaders, which worked well, though they needed more than two! We sat and talked about the silly ads in magazines and roasted, since there was no AC there.

After getting home, I am in the middle of some house work, though not much, thanks to Flylady. I did a load of laundry, and am in the process of letting some carpet cleaner soak in before vacuuming my living room again. Mike made sandwiches for a nice simple dinner. After I'm done here, I think I will call down and see how Kaia is doing. She and mom drive back tomorrow.

Not a whole lot to report, really. Mike and I had a nice relaxing weekend, though we've both bit a bit grumpy at times...I think it's the heat.

Had a wonderful massage yesterday, 60 minutes of bliss!! Thanks again Tania!!!


I don't normally talk about dreams, 'cause I know you don't like listening to other peoples' dreams just as much as me, so I won't go into details, but last night SUCKED.

EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN dream had someone doing something idiotic (often affecting my daughter) and me getting pissed off and yelling at them. And them not understanding that they were being a moron, or not caring that they had either put my daughter in danger or hurt her feelings. WTF is that about? I mean, ONE dream, okay, whatever, but ALL OF THEM!?! And we are talking like 4-5 dreams last night!

So, needless to say, I am not in the best of moods today.

After I get happier, I will post about my day yesterday, which started out no so good, but ended very well. (Live Free or Die Hard was AWESOME)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I remember!

Wesley Crusher!! That was Wil Wheaton's character on Star Trek! I feel better now...I hate forgetting things I know I know...

Up too early on a Saturday

Kaia's plan ride went very well! I can't believe I'm the mother of someone who has taken a plane trip alone! The milestones just keep piling up.....

Going to get a massage today! I am so looking forward to it, I haven't had a massage in a long time. I did have a Reiki-massage combo thing, but that, though cool, was a bit different. This will be 60 full minutes of nothing but laying on a table while someone rubs all the aches out of my muscles...mmmmm.....

Going to Live Free or Die Hard today, the 4th Die Hard movie. I love Bruce Willis. Tomorrow we are going to Harry Potter with Andrea and John. Will also probably go buy the last book today. Or Monday, if the bookstore is overly crowded with people who are more obsessed than I am...which is a lot, I like Harry Potter, but am not obsessed to find out what happens to him.

So I am a phone geek...can't help it when you sell them. I had an entire dream last night that centered around cell phones. I found a really cool orange one that went over your last three fingers (separately) and you just left it there while going about your business. Kinda robot-ish. John was in it, of course, since he's a bigger phone geek than I am, and he was helping me to figure out how to use it.

well, that was a boring update.

oh! I am now following Wil Wheaton on Twitter.com. If it's really him, of course, but it seems fairly real. He is the first famous person I am following. Andrea had a big crush on him when he was on Star Strek as...what was his name? my gosh....anyway, it brings back fun memories...

they don't seem to have teen magazines like they did back then...Tiger Beat, and......okay, that's the only one I can remember...the celebrity crushes I had were Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Johnny Depp, of course, but he's still a celebrity I'd do in a heartbeat. I remember papering the walls of my back yard playhouse in pictures. There was a tool shed in our back yard with a little playroom on top, it was really cool. Lots of memories from that little house... doing chemistry with Wendy...teaching Andre and Anya, two neighbor kids, how to read....sleepovers with Sarah....hanging out for hours in there....I need to build something like that for my kids when we have our own house.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two Random Photos

I love this picture of Kaia--every day she looks older, it astounds me. Here she is, relaxing while talking on the phone.....after having requested to call her Grumpy and dialing the number herself.

Here is a picture showing how long my hair is now...it's just starting to curl...it's not quite in a good place yet, but it's getting there! My smile looks odd...please ignore.
Kaia leaves to visit my parents tomorrow! She's going to have a blast. I can't wait to hear all about her solo plane ride! Mom, you better take pictures while she's there, too!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hello, you

Just some tidbit updates and weekend plans....

- Baby is doing well. Moves A LOT and I'm always hungry. (except last night, strangely I had no appetite)

- Kaia is having fun at school, and looking forward to starting 1st grade next month. She's also VERY impatient for this baby to get here!

- Mike is finishing up one class, and also starting school next month. HIS LAST SEMESTER!! Wh00t!

- I am switching between being comfortable in the AC at work but restless, to being HOT HOT HOT at home but getting lots of good stuff done. I have organized all the baby stuff I already have, and after my baby shower I think I will be set. There may be one or two things I need after that, but so far so good. I am doing well with my Flylady.net stuff, and the house is consistently picked up.

Weekend Stuff!!

This Friday, Kaia is flying BY HERSELF down to visit my parents. She goes from being ultra-excited to nervous about the flight. I think she'll do fine though, and will be so proud of herself for accomplishing something that's been her goal since she was 4. She and my mom will drive back up here Monday, giving Mike and I a whole weekend to ourselves! Mike has schoolwork he needs to do, but we are going to go to Live Free or Die Hard on Saturday. I am also going to use my wonderful gift certificate Tania gave me and get an hour long massage! I am SO looking forward to that. Sunday will be spend doing more cleaning and organizing, something I am really enjoying doing lately.

Please remember to vote on the name poll if you haven't yet! thanks!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Names! Names! AAUUGH!!

So I am obsessing a bit...there's a poll over there to your left...please take a couple seconds to click in 1 or 2 of the boxes...thank you!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

side note....

This week marks my move into the third trimester. My god.

She's preparing her lesson plan already.

On the way to the grocery store today, I asked Kaia what kinds of things she thought big sisters taught their little brothers. She happily started listing all sorts of things, such as "don't hit", "don't bite", "don't go into the street alone". All good things. Then she said:

"And I'll teach him not to tear the leafs from trees, because the leafs clean the air!"

His education will be well-rounded, thanks to his sister.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A little less bitching, a lot more talking.

Here are some of the things I am stressing out about right now, hence the bad mood of earlier which has continued through the day:

1. We still don't have a name for the baby. It's really bothering me because I don't even have a few names I like but Mike doesn't that I could try to convince him to use. I have nothing, nada, zilch. Actually, I still like William and Ben. So I do have options I guess. But the meaning of Ben is "son of my right hand" which is boring and a bit gross, if you read it the right (wrong) way. And William has a few good and a few bad associations for me, which I know would all go away if it was my son's name, but it's just not the PERFECT name. With Kaia, we knew it was the perfect name, the only name for our daughter. We both love it and have from the beginning. Naming someone is hard! The name we choose will be part of him FOREVER. sigh.

2. I really want to know where we will be going after Mike graduates. Not having a clear idea of where, or how, we will live a short 6 months from now is not how I like to live. I like to KNOW these sorts of things. It's not at all that I doubt Mike will find a job. He's a good programmer, and a wonderful guy all around. But the WHERE he will find a job needs to become clear soon.

3. Our lack of funds for the 3 months I won't be working. Our original plan was to save our "extra" money while I am pregnant. Please excuse me while I fall over laughing. Ignore the tears. I know I could do a little better with what I spend, but not to the tune of having $6000 by October. And yes, we have a good back up plan, so we won't starve, or get kicked out of our house, but I still wish we had a better financial situation. And I am so tired of hearing myself bitch about that. so I will stop. for now at least.

4. There is no four, really. I just don't want to end on another rant about money. Here are things I am NOT stressed about:

a. My marriage. Every day I think about how lucky I am to be married to the man I am with. Mike is perfect for me, and the only man I'd want to be the father to my children. The way we help to fill the gaps in each other's personalities is awesome. We work together really well, and even when we fight, we have no doubts about our relationship. I love knowing that I will grow old with this man.

b. My house. For once, my house is almost perfectly clean. The time I spent cleaning and clearing while Mike and Kaia were gone was well spent, and we both love coming home to such an improved space. There are still areas that need to be worked on, but it is now a place of comfort and happiness instead of claustrophobia and guilt.

c. My daughter. well, yes, she stresses me out daily. But overall, she's a happy, healthy kid, and that pleases me to no end.

d. My son. It's hard to stress out your mom when you aren't even born yet. He managed it pretty well though during the first few months, but it's all settled down to a routine pregnancy.

I'm sure I could list more in both categories..but I am done typing for now.

you probably don't want to read this. really.

wow. it's been awhile since I've blogged. Unfortunately, this post won't be very good. I'm feeling grouchy and tired, and one of the myriad things annoying me is the fact that my keyboard won't scoot closer to me, which hinders long typing times.

So, what's new with me, you ask? well, I'll tell you, since you were silly enough to ask. (you didn't? well, then, go away)

nothing. nothing is new. I still go to work every day after dropping Kaia off at presc...dayca...damn. I'm not sure what to call it. It's not preschool anymore, she'll be in first grade next month. Daycare sounds....not as good as what it is, for some reason that probably makes no sense. Childcare sounds snotty. and it's not, technically, "school". oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter. I take her there everyday and she stays there all day. She usually has a lot of fun.

I am still pregnant. This is intrinsically a good thing, but on a day to day (and night to night) basis, it's annoying. I can only sleep on my left side, any other position makes me out of breath and my legs fall asleep. My hips and pelvic muscles are not happy about the one-position EVER thing, however, and have decided to rebel. Chiropractor visits are helping, but the $25 co-pay is not a happy thing.

IT'S STILL HOT. Now, I know I complain all winter about the cold, and I still prefer heat to cold, but I feel like bitching, so I will. IT'S FUCKING HOT. It's fine during the day, though I'm stuck inside, I'm stuck inside with air conditioning. But at night, IT'S HOT.

okay, moving on....happy things.....hold on....I'll think of something...besides the usual "I'm healthy, happy, my family is healthy and happy, and we have enough to eat" happy stuff that I am WELL AWARE OF THANK YOU.

sheesh. I'm pissing myself off. maybe I better just sign off.

I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to making the house spiffy for John and Andrea to come home to.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Flylady.net ROCKS

My first full week of doing Flylady.net stuff is complete. Here are the results!

Usually, on Friday, I start thinking about what I need to do Saturday. It usually consists of HOURS of cleaning. Dishes, ALL the laundry from the week, picking up the chaos in the living room, scrubbing the bathroom, making Kaia clean her room, and any other cleaning thing I have energy for.


Throughout the past week, I've being doing my Morning Routine, which includes Swish and Swipe (more on that in a minute), and putting away dishes. It also includes putting a load of laundry in the washer if there's a full load dirty. I also pick up the living room, which takes about 2 seconds.

Swish and Swipe is this: Every morning after I am done in the bathroom, I grab a washcloth. Under my sink I keep a bottle of homemade glass cleaner. I spray a bit on my cloth and get the dirty spots on my mirror. I do not clean the whole mirror. Then I spray down the counter a bit and just swipe the main areas. I don't do an in depth scrub. With the now damp-with-cleaner cloth, I go to the toilet and wipe down the outside of the toilet, again quickly, not worrying about being perfect. Then I drop a bit of body wash on my toilet brush and sswish it around in the toilet bowl. I throw the cloth in the laundry, and I am done! My bathroom looks clean, and I have spent maybe 4 minutes total on it.

Evening Routine includes putting washed laundry in dryer, then putting away the clean clothes, picking up living room, and doing the day's dishes. Mike has been doing this with me, and it's a wonderful time to talk with my husband about our day! Wiping off the kitchen counters is included in that.

My house is not PERFECT, but it is FAR cleaner than usual, and I realized this morning that I have maybe an hour of work tomorrow, and that will be used to do things I don't always do, such as vacuum and dust! My bathroom is fine, and my kitchen is clean, dishes done. Laundry has been done all week, so only have to do my usual Morning Routine there.

I love it. Mike loves it. Kaia isn't living in chaos, and now I can enjoy my Saturday!

I haven't been doing ALL of the things Flylady suggests. I have been taking Baby Steps, and not trying to be perfect, which is what she teaches. I am slowly trying to add new habits instead of changing up my whole system at once and getting overwhelmed.

I am finally feeling successful at a cleaning goal!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

In pursuit of a Family Photo

Yesterday we had John take a family picture of the three (four) of us. It took a few...several!...tries before we got a good shot.....

First, proper placement is important...Kaia on Mike's shoulders seemed like a good idea, though Mike had to play around with it first, of course!

Then I had to make sure to get out of the way of the rearrangement....

Whoops...that wasn't quite what I had in mind...

Well, we're getting somewhere...just where, I'm not sure...

Almost...but not quite...

Uh oh....not ready! not ready!

Okay, this was a good one!

But THIS one was even better!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TomaAYto! TamAHto!

Tomatoes!! They are here! In the close up, they look pretty big, but the biggest one is still only slightly larger than a large marble. But aren't they gorgeous?!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


- Had a Dr. appt. today. I gained 10 pounds, weighing in at 141. I now weigh just 7 pounds less than I did at full term with Kaia.

- My daughter, however, has barely gained half a pound in the last year.

- Kaia picked up a HUGE daddy long legs today, and was not in the least bit scared.

- A man walked through the store and into the mall today carrying a pair of handcuffs.

- I was mean at the Dr.'s office today, and made fun of my husband when I shouldn't have.

- He hasn't mentioned it, and I hope he's forgotten.

- It's my friend Mike's birthday today! Happy birthday Mike!

- He has joined me in this 4th decade of our lives.

- My feet sweat ALL the time.

- Only while I'm pregnant.

- I need to get off my ass and get stuff done.

- seriously.

Saraey (pronounced Sarah)

Kaia has developed a secret language. It's called Sarah, spelled, according to Kaia: Saraey.

Here is a sample of Saraey:

Shee-ow ee Shee-ill shill Shee-aahhh she-ahd-oh. de-oh.

Right now (it changes every time), this translates to:

I'm walking on the sidewalk. I'm going home. I love you.

Saraey has a lot of "sh" and vowel sounds. She'll sing whole songs in it, and have whole conversations with her horses and dolls. Sarah, spelled Sarah, also is her granny's name!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Kaia-isms

Kaia calls pennies "golden retrievers". No idea why, and she only shrugged when I asked her.

Today as we got home from the store, Kaia asked us -
"Do you know what is especially not here?"
"Horses. There are no horses here, cause there are no gates."

Pictures from Kaia and Mike's trip

Mike, Steve, Kaia, Jennavieve and Jennilynn at the fair!

Mike and Kaia had a wonderful time in California. They visited Mike's grandparents, his mom, and his brother, with his three daughters. Kaia and her great-grandmother had a lot of fun searching for cool rocks. Mike found a spearhead!

Kaia, Mike, and his grandfather went fishing! Kaia learned how to cast all on her own, and caught some fish, though her grandfather caught a LOT!

When they visited Steve, Mike's brother, they went to a fair!

Kaia celebrated her 6th birthday on the 26th, and had an ice cream cake! Her grandma Elsie came to celebrate with her.

Near the end of their trip, Mike took Kaia camping! They roasted hot dogs, and had s'mores. Two weeks was a LONG time without my family, but I am SO glad they had such a wonderful time and created so many memories.