Friday, July 13, 2007

you probably don't want to read this. really.

wow. it's been awhile since I've blogged. Unfortunately, this post won't be very good. I'm feeling grouchy and tired, and one of the myriad things annoying me is the fact that my keyboard won't scoot closer to me, which hinders long typing times.

So, what's new with me, you ask? well, I'll tell you, since you were silly enough to ask. (you didn't? well, then, go away)

nothing. nothing is new. I still go to work every day after dropping Kaia off at presc...dayca...damn. I'm not sure what to call it. It's not preschool anymore, she'll be in first grade next month. Daycare sounds....not as good as what it is, for some reason that probably makes no sense. Childcare sounds snotty. and it's not, technically, "school". oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter. I take her there everyday and she stays there all day. She usually has a lot of fun.

I am still pregnant. This is intrinsically a good thing, but on a day to day (and night to night) basis, it's annoying. I can only sleep on my left side, any other position makes me out of breath and my legs fall asleep. My hips and pelvic muscles are not happy about the one-position EVER thing, however, and have decided to rebel. Chiropractor visits are helping, but the $25 co-pay is not a happy thing.

IT'S STILL HOT. Now, I know I complain all winter about the cold, and I still prefer heat to cold, but I feel like bitching, so I will. IT'S FUCKING HOT. It's fine during the day, though I'm stuck inside, I'm stuck inside with air conditioning. But at night, IT'S HOT.

okay, moving on....happy things.....hold on....I'll think of something...besides the usual "I'm healthy, happy, my family is healthy and happy, and we have enough to eat" happy stuff that I am WELL AWARE OF THANK YOU.

sheesh. I'm pissing myself off. maybe I better just sign off.

I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to making the house spiffy for John and Andrea to come home to.

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