Saturday, May 31, 2008

Buddha In June

I wanted to explain my new header, because I love what's in it but it's not completely clear what IS in it.

This is a Buddha garden that Kaia made in school. This is the Buddha sitting under a tree. (I think he gained enlightenment here? showing my lack of knowledge...)

Kaia learned about Buddha a couple weeks ago, and had a surprisingly clear memory of what they taught. I can't remember all of it, but parts of her explanation go as such:

"Buddha was a prince, and he was rich, but he hated to see so much suffering so he gave up all of his possessions."

"He sat under a tree like this (shows lotus position, or a 6 year old's idea of it) and was very still"

She actually remembered a lot more than that, but sadly, I do not.

Friday, May 30, 2008

blah blah blah and oh! BLAH!

Sometimes I sit down to write a post and I have so much rushing around in my head. Words of insecurity, words of pride. Stories of my kids. Harsh rants about government or the environment or my dryer. Exultant babblings about blueberries or Kaia's school or Trader Joe's.

And I can't get them out. I can't write it coherently enough for public consumption. Or I start to, and it's whiny, or braggy, or some other such thing I don't really want to publish. So I close it, or delete it, or change the subject.

So here I am, writing a post about not writing several other posts. Exciting, yes? no? about an abbreviated version of a few of them in the form of unsatisfyingly short bullets? mmkay.

  • insecurity: I am tired of "making friends"here. I want to HAVE friends here. I am tired of being unsure of how others think of me. Unsure of how I am seen by others. I am tired of caring, but I can't stop. Also? I want a darn talent! something, anything, that sets me apart.
  • pride: I have made a lot of progress in my non-spending of money. My kids are both happy and healthy. I am very secure in my marriage.
  • kids: actually, I have nothing in this category right now, but this is one area I feel I cover pretty often.
  • rants: for the first time, I am nervous about who will become our new president. We need major change, and fast. our country needs to wake up and start making other changes too. We use THIRTY percent of the world's resources. and my dryer needs to be looked at. the damn lint thing doesn't catch all the lint and I'm worried it'll build up inside.
  • babblings: I'm still excited about my blueberries. There will only be a couple handfuls, but I am growing blueberries. Nothing specific really about Kaia's school, I just still really love it. I can do an entire grocery shopping at Trader Joe's in half an hour, thanks to the small size of the store. Since that is also about the length of time Ben will sit in a cart, it's a wonderful thing.
There is so much more. and right now, since I am tired, it's mostly in the insecure category. I don't really want to write an entire post about it all, because it will give the impression I am unhappy, which really isn't the case. I am content with so much of my life. I find new things about my husband every day that make me gloriously happy to be with him. I look at my kids and almost fall over with amazement that I am so lucky to have them.

and I'd write more, but gotta go pick up Kaia! Thanks for reading, please come again!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

gardening (I feel I need quotes around that) update

Here is how my herbs and strawberries are doing. The basil on the left is obviously on its last legs, though I have no idea why...below you will see my NEW basil, bought today at Trader Joe's!

I realized I have still not even looked into recipes that have purple sage (second one on the left) and thyme (second on the right) At least they look pretty!

Here are two of the strawberry plants, showing off their blossoms and berries! I won't get more than a handful this year, but it's a start! Not bad for my first year, and with the only care I give them is sending Kaia out with water a few times a week....

Doesn't this basil look scrumptious?! It made the car smell awesome on the way home. This I have no doubts how to use, and no doubts about how often!! I love basil, mozzarella and tomato sandwiches...mmmmmmmmm...I just have to remember to plant it. Tomorrow, if I have time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you know what this means?!?

This means BLUEBERRIES!!!!
These are blossoms on my blueberry bush!!!
So, if all goes well, blueberries will be next!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

to sum up....

I am tired, so you get a bulleted post....

  • We had a great time down in Vancouver. We really wish we could have seen Mike's sister and step-mom, but there simply wasn't time.
  • Thank you Mick, for my Trader Joe's gift card, and thank you Kate for my shoes! Both are awesome birthday presents.
  • Thank you mom and dad for the humor book, amber (!) pendant, bracelets, cd, and framed cross stitch. I didn't get one thing this year that I feel is breaking my rule of nothing in my house that I don't love!
  • I am so glad we got to hang out at Tania and Simon's. I can't WAIT to see that darling little baby girl of theirs, and I really wish I could go to Canada next month. :-(
  • I am fighting desire for a Wii.
  • We discovered when we got back that one of our cats let out anger at our disappearance by peeing repeatedly on our bed. The futon mattress is ruined.
  • However, we are possibly getting some money soon, and I have some birthday money, so we are getting a new, king size Japanese-style futon to replace it.
  • This means we can sell our old bed frame, which will also help pay for the new bed.
  • Kaia and my dad took my parents' dogs for a walk. They tried to run away while Kaia was holding both leashes. She knew that one of them would be hard to catch if she got away, so HELD the leashes, even though she was DRAGGED several feet! I am proud of her for that, though she would not have gotten in trouble had she let go.
  • Ben is getting easier to travel with! The car trip both ways went very smoothly.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ben's On The Move

So he has a strange way of crawling, you'll notice. He kinda sits with one leg, and just moves it forward while crawling normally on the other knee. This is as fast as he can go right now, but I'm sure he'll increase in speed in no time!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asking for advice

okay, so here's the thing. I feel I didn't do anything wrong here, and I'm feeling too lazy to want to correct someone else's mistake. But I don't know if it's the right thing....

let me explain, and you can help me out.

A few weeks ago, I ordered some scrapbooking things from The estimated time of delivery was 5-10 business days. A little over a week later, I got a BIG box from them, way bigger than needed for all 4 items. Inside were only 2 of the 4 things I ordered. Looking over the box, I noticed that one end was taped with that tape that has strings going through it, so is really secure, but the other side was taped with a single layer of basic packing tape, and had ripped at one end, leaving a hole about 4 inches wide. I hadn't seen the two things that were missing in person, and figured the hole was probably big enough for both of them to fall through.
However, and this is important, I realized that items are not always shipped in the same box. So I checked the packing slip, and ALL FOUR items were listed as being in that shipment.

So I called Joann's and told them that I had received the box, but two of the items were missing. They looked up my order, apologized, and assured me that they would send out replacement items. I said thank you, and asked for an estimated date of arrival. Again, they said 5-10 business days. I said that was fine, thanks again, and that was that.

About 5 days later (so sooner than the first time, but within their estimate), a package came with the two items. I noticed that one of them was maybe a bit big to have fit through the ripped hole in the first package, but figured I was wrong. I was happy, and went about my business.

Then TODAY, about 5 days after the SECOND box had come, so about 10 days after I called them, ANOTHER package arrived, with the two items again.

So what I guess happened was that the two items had never been in the first package, but had been shipped separately. So here's my problem. I have two things I did not pay for. BUT I did check the slip, and it said all four things should have been in the first shipment. AND when I called, shouldn't it have been in the system that the items were in a different shipment? Oh, and I had also received an email before I got any packages saying that my initial order had been shipped, and it listed all four items, and said nothing about multiple shipments.

I really don't feel like calling them up, and asking for a return slip (cause I am not paying to ship it back to them) then re-packaging them up and driving to the post office (out of my way for anywhere I go) and sending it off. I don't feel it was my mistake.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sharing the Magic

After I put Ben on the floor a few minutes ago, he got fussy. Kaia rushed over, scooped him up and carted him off to the couch where she then attempted to read to him. It didn't work very well, since he's quite grabby, but it lasted long enough to for to snap this picture!

Monday, May 19, 2008

just keep inchin' on...

Kaia: I made a new friend today. An inchworm!
Mike: Oh yes? Where'd you find it? Outside?
Kaia: No, on the dining room table.
Mike: .......oh......
Kaia: How'd it get there, I wonder?
Mike: Well, what do inchworms do?
Kaia: ............ measure things?

Steps...or, well, you know...

Ben can sit up on his own! I figured it would be any time, since he gets up on his hands and knees, and at that point he just has to pivot and push himself up. He's done it 3 times today that I saw!

He is ALMOST crawling. He move a couple of times, but hasn't yet gotten the hang of continued forward movement.....

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yay! Blogger let me post pictures! Here's Kaia's new 'do! She wanted her hair cut like mine, which you will see isn't really possible, but it's close enough to please her.

And Mike, with his basic short-enough-to-be-able-to-ignore-for-a-few-months look.

Here is what mine looks like when it's down. Not the best look, but I knew that going in. I doubt I will ever have it down, so it doesn't matter. Mostly I'll have it.... this, or in pony tails. It's still long enough to put it ALL back in one pony tail, but I don't really like that look. Two pony tails look pretty cute though, if I do say so myself! Having the way it is in the picture above looks pretty nondescript and boring, but it's out of my way, out of Ben's reach, off my neck, and most importantly will STAY THERE without me having to re-do it all day!

Sunday Family Outing

Well, I was going to upload pictures of our haircuts, but blogger decided that wasn't going to happen at the moment...I'll try again later!

Mike just got his usual "very short all over, longer on top than on the sides and back" cut. I have been dithering about getting my hair cut because of how long I've been growing it out, but I really never wear it down, and it annoys me more than anything else, so I got it cut in sort of an A it grows and I get it trimmed it'll be more of an A line (longer in front than in back). Kaia originally wanted her hair short all over, but then changed her mind and wanted hers like mine. Her hair is much more suited to an A line and looks ADORABLE.

I wasn't impressed with our stylists. I won't go into details, because it's not important, we'll just go somewhere else next time, and I am mostly happy with the results.

I am happy I decided to just cut mine, and Mike, though skeptical at first, seems to like my hair this way too. Kaia's haircut will hopefully cut down on the morning snarl fight!

I will try later to post pictures again!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Faire!

So this hat didn't last long, as he hates hats, but it stayed on long enough to take a picture. He loves having his picture taken, so will stop whatever he's doing to grin at the camera!

Kaia and several of her friends listening to a story teller. Kaia says the stories were about "a monster one about 2 princess sisters and there was this guy that changed one sister into a heron and one into a bear and the other story had blackberries they were picking and they heard this rattling and suddenly a monster came out of the broom"

Kaia didn't wear this outfit to the Faire, but she did get this garland and wand there, as well as a fairy tea set, several beads, a shell and two gnome stones.

Here is one of the things I bought...this bracelet was woven by women in Africa. The website is to learn more, and get something if you like! I fell in love with this one, and thanks to mom was able to snatch it up! as well as....
...this wool roving! it's not the best for felting, but it's perfect for fairy hair! on the far left is black though it's hard to see and it goes all the way to white! I love having such a range to choose from! I'll be giving some of this to my mom for her fairy making endeavors! Thanks again mom!

We had a wonderful time at the Faire. It was REALLY hot, but I'm not going to complain, I love it after the long winter and cold spring. Kaia had a blast too, there was a lot of activities for her to do, from digging in sand for treasure, to fishing for treasure, to making her ribbon wand. The heat got to Mike a bit, and he started out tired, so 5 hours was a bit much for him, but he had fun too. When we got home the kids and I got into a bath, and Mike got into a shower, and that cooled us all off and improved 4 out of 4 moods!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A few pictures for your enjoyment

This one was taken a few days ago, and really shows how much Kaia and Ben love each other. It scares me sometimes knowing how lucky I am....

Here is Ben at the infant play date today! he really loved this toy, I found it online and am seriously considering getting it for him.
(check out the cheeks on the baby to the left...isn't that adorable?!)

And here we gave Ben a bath in the sink (Mike was mildly scandalized). He had a great time, and didn't want to get out!

by the way...

I spent the afternoon at Natasha's yesterday. I met her neighbor, and Kaia had a great time with kids from both households. I had a wonderful time hanging out with two really cool women. I really am hoping to move to that area in a year or so......hear that Universe? Make it so! (please?)

I think TWO cups of coffee are needed today.

I really shouldn't even be spending time on here right now, I have so much to do today. But I thought you all should KNOW what I am up to! So here is my itinerary for the day:

take Kaia to school.

on the way back, stop by Whole Foods for the all-natural marshmallows that I have to use for the rice krispie treats I am making for her school faire this Saturday.

then stop by Kinko's for that label paper to print out ingredient labels for the food I make for the faire.

come home, quickly get cake into oven. hopefully it will be done before....

go to infant play date with 8 other moms from my mother's group.

come home, frost cake.

make rice krispie treats, cut into shapes.

cut cake into individual slices.

wrap cake slices and treat pieces in saran wrap (note to self: make sure I have enough saran wrap)

print labels with my name and ingredients and put on treats.

take to Kaia's school by 3:15. (luckily, she is going to after school care today, so I don't have to pick her up until I take the treats)

with both kids, go to Trader Joe's and do a grocery shopping.

make dinner.

I really, really hope Mike doesn't work late today. I have a feeling I am going to want to hand over boyo as soon as possible.

hmmm...I wonder what my Aunt Carol is doing this afternoon....Ah-Yi, would you be interested in coming over and keeping me company while I bake?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One! Two! Keep that back straight, boyo!

I like to make sure my kids get plenty of exercise, so I have them on a daily regimen of pushups, situps, and other such calisthenics. Here's Ben showing off his mad push up skillz! Check out that form! He's working on his goal of 100 each day. He figures it can only help in his learning-to-crawl endeavors, which aren't going as quickly as he might like. So far he has figured out that moving one leg forward is the key, but then he forgets about his hands, and goes tumbling face first into the floor. Other times, he figures out the arm bit, but forgets the leg part, so drops to his stomach.
He's not one to give up though, so keep checking back! Not posting probably means I'm busy chasing after him as he dashes madly about the house, creating havoc and causing chaos!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

third time....

Ben was exhausted at 6:45, so I put fed him and changed his diaper and put him in his crib. He was decidedly less happy this time about being alone, but it only took him 14 minutes to fall asleep. It was a tougher time this time, he got pretty upset. I am not sure if I'll try to keep him in his crib all night, probably not. But putting him in there at nap time and the first time at night needs to be happening. wish me luck, and strength, and send Ben some too.

daily glimpse - Kids in the Fort

Kaia asked me to build her a fort, so I brought a blanket out and moved some furniture around to accommodate it. Then she asked me to move her brother in there with her! Here is the picture I snuck (hee hee. 'snuck' is apparently not actually a word. oh well) of them playing in it. She's been really enjoying him today, it's awesome. He's getting a little more interactive every day, and they really love playing together.
Yes, I am lucky!

napping attempt update, and another success!

Wow. I just put Ben down for another nap. I fed him first, so he was very sleepy. I woke him up a bit so he'd realize he was being put in his crib. (I think that's one reason he cries when he wakes up--he doesn't know where he is) He started to cry, and I braced myself for another 20 minutes of crying before sleep. Ahh...nope. He cried THREE MINUTES. Then passed out! I am so excited about this! Going to try it again at bedtime tonight. All signs point toward him simply being ready for this.

I also wanted to list the differences between his nap earlier, where he cried himself to sleep, (referred to as Today)and his usual naps, where we walk him to sleep, (referred to as Usual) then carefully put him down, sometimes unsuccessfully. If he did wake up, the whole process started over, though often taking less time.

1. Usual- takes him 10-40 minutes to fall asleep, either by eating, being walked, or laying on the bed with him. Today- 20 minutes in his crib, then 3.

2. Usual- If he stirs at all during his nap, that's it, he's awake. Today- he stirred, moved around a bit, then fell back asleep about 40 minutes in.

3. Usual -nap is about 45 minutes long, and he wakes up crying. Today -first nap was almost an hour and a half, and he woke up calmly.

4. Usual -he's still tired after his nap, because he didn't sleep long enough. Today - he was cheerful and awake, because he slept longer.

The other way he naps is on me. That way he sleeps long enough, but I can't get anything done.

I feel so much better about letting him cry earlier! I still don't want to let him get desperate in the future, but it looks promising. I hold no hope for this helping him sleep through the night, or even wake up less, but this will help us establish a usual bedtime for him, instead of whenever we feel up to going through the long process.

his first nap where he fell asleep on his own....

feel free to skip this post. it's not fun or interesting.

Hi. So you know how people "live blog" where they blog while watching some show or something else? Well, this is the MUCH LESS interesting version where you keep me company while I listen to my son try to go to the sleep for the first time on his own.

It is now 8:57. He's been in there for about 5 minutes, and fussing for about 3. He's not screaming, but is definitely NOT happy. I went in a minute ago and made sure his feet weren't caught in the crib bars or anything. He was still laying down, which is good. He can't stand, of course, but he can get up on all fours and rock back and forth.

8:58. His crying is getting a bit more desperate. where is my mother?! he is saying. she's always been here when I cry like this BEFORE!

8:59 there was a moment of quiet, as if he were listening for me. He's back to crying. oh...quiet again...and back to crying. He does this growling thing when he's'd be funny if it weren't so...not.

9:00 there's still not actual screaming. There are pauses in the crying, which is good. I think I will make sure he's not stuck.


9:01 He was not stuck. I laid him back down and patted his back. I think it pissed him off more. He's getting a little more upset. Should I just get him?!!?? I wish motherhood came with a manual. A real one, not written by humans, but one that magically appeared with each child born, geared especially for that baby.

9:03 Still very mad. I think I will check some websites...not baby related ones, just ones to distract me.

9:04 he quieted for a second, then got back to yelling...but it encourages me..a bit...

9:06 he is going from very mad to quiet whimpers....I feel like the worst mom ever. going to go pat him again. wait...he quieted...damn! I don't know if it's best to go in and pat him or just let him be!

9:09 well, the crying isn't getting worse that's a good thing, right?!?! I need some chocolate or something....

9:11 no change.

9:12 it isn't helping that there is a big truck outside beeping quite loudly. if I give up now, it'll be worse next time, right?!?

9:13 maybe there shouldn't be a next time. maybe I should just permanently attach him to me via baby carrier and join the whole attachment parenting movement. my back would kill me, but he wouldn't be crying!!!

9:15 mom called. but has something serious to discuss. boyo is starting to maybe calm down.

9:19 SILENCE!!! YAY!!!!! WHEW.

9:20 DAMN. crying again. *bated breath*

9:22 just peeked in. he's sleeping!!!!!

huge sigh of relief.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fresh From the Bath

pass the prozac this-a way please.

Her: What're you doing?
Me: Looking outside.
Her: Why?
Me: No real reason.
Her: Well, that's silly.

Her: I'm gonna draw you a picture.
Me: Thank you!
Her: What should I draw?
Me: Umm...a horse.
Her: I don't want to draw a horse.
Me: Then draw whatever you want.
Her: Fine, I'll draw a horse.
Me: Cool.
Her: What color?
Me: Brown.
Her: How about pink?
Me: Okay.
Her: What color do you want it's mane?
Me: Are you actually going to color it the color I choose?
Her: (offended) Of course!
Me: Orange. really? Are you sure?
Me: Yes.
Her: aahhhh...fine. I think I'll draw a queen instead. What color should I use?

Her: Can you see me: (hiding under pillows)
Me: (looking over) No.
Her: How about now?
Me: (looking over again) No.
Her: How about now?
Me: (again, looking over again) A little bit of the top of your head.
Her: (not moving at all) How about now?
Me: (again again looking over again) A little bit of the top of your head. I'm not looking over anymore.
Her: One more time!
Me: Fine
Her: (again, not moving) How about now?
Me: *sigh* A little bit of the top of your head.
Her: How about now?

Her: (looking at an old Halloween picture of Simon and Tania) Who are these people?
Me: Simon and Tania.
Her: What are they?
Me: Simon is a tourist. Tania is a cat.
Her: What's a tourist?
Me: Someone who visits somewhere other than where they live and go see the cool things there.
Her: What's on his nose?
Me: Sunblock. It's a tourist cliche.
Her: What's a cliche?
Me: umm....something that is said a lot. A lot of tourists go to warm places, so they wear sunblock.
Her: What's a tourist?
Me: Someone who goes somewhere other than where they live!
Her: Tania is a cute cat!
Me: Yes, she is!
Her: What was Simon again?
Her: What's a tourist again?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Because I'm bored.

Ten Years Ago what were you doing?

Ten years ago...let's see, I was about to turn 21...uh oh. umm...I was married to Abe, living in Vancouver, Wa. I was trying to convince him to start trying to have a baby (WHEW! thank god THAT didn't work!). I think I was working at Chevron.

Five Things on Today’s “To Do” List

-sleep in (done!)

- go to the bank and open two more checking accounts. (bank was closed.)

- eat (yep! more than once!)

- umm...can't really think of anything else.

If I were a Billionaire

I'd buy a lot of land, build several houses, invite a few families to live on it with me, start a commune type thing. Put money away for kids' college funds. Buy new cars for Mike and me. Invest. Go on a cruise. or two....three?

Three Bad Habits

- losing my patience with my daughter.
- taking things that have nothing to do with me personally.
- eating too much sugar.

Five Places I’ve Lived

- White Salmon, Wa
- Hope Peninsula, ID
- Pullman, Wa
- Vancouver, WA
- Battle Ground, WA

Five Jobs I’ve Had

- gas station clerk
- adult store clerk
- knife salesperson
- wireless consultant
- ESL textbook contributor

I am re-doing Kaia's baby book, slowly....I also have Tania's book and Ben's baby book.... :-)
It seems overwhelming, and though I am going to concentrate on Tania's book, I needed to just get a single page done, get me back in the here is the page! This is Kaia, in summer of 2002. The pictures aren't the best, they could be lightened, but this was before we had digital, so this will have to do. In a way, I like it that way, because in the sun there IS a heavy distinction between sunlight and shadow. I'd like to see her face a bit better in a couple of them, but I am still very pleased with this page. It also shows how my scrapbooking style is changing and growing! This page, though simple, is much better than most of my previous stuff. I'll keep posting pages occasionally...

let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You do what you have to do....

......when the glass part of your coffee press cracks......

Almost 7....

Today is Kaia's birthday celebration at school! I took her biography in on Monday, and snacks in today. Mike is working from home so he can go too! I'll try to remember my camera.....

Ben is doing much better in the crib. He slept almost all night in it last night. (he still woke up several times, but I put him back almost every time.) He's not as scared when he wakes up in it now, just a bit mad. He still needs to fall asleep before he's put in, though I'm hoping to work on that in the next few weeks.

He LOVES finger foods. He figured out yesterday how to reliably get the food actually IN his mouth, and we have to only give him one piece at a time, or he'll stuff his mouth full then gag.

I found Kaia the perfect birthday card! It's a big one, about 1 square foot, and on the front it says "Long Long Ago...." then inside it says "You were born" and plays the Star Wars theme music! She's really into Star Wars right now, and will adore it. Natasha so nicely offered to help with her birthday party, and the plans for it are going well. It's going to be pretty simple, but I want it to go smoothly. I need to remember to get an updated contact sheet from the school office.....

Gotta get back to cleaning! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Quick Catch Up

Ben with a teething biscuit....these crumble more easily than I remember...

Ben's first finger foods! Tofu and peas. He liked the tofu (it had miso on it) but wasn't fond of the peas. That was okay since most of them went on the floor anyway. He would get a piece of tofu in his hand, then instead of putting in his mouth, he'd want a pea too, so would try to grab a pea, which made him drop the tofu. He'd drop the pea to grab the tofu again, starting the whole cycle over...

I'd like to get better at posting more often...preferably once a day, but I have been tired and busy lately.

Kaia declined her day off last Friday! She wanted to go to school, which actually made me fee better, since she sometimes complains that she doesn't like school. I guess that's normal for all kids.

Tomorrow is her birthday celebration at school since her birthday falls in the summer. She gets to bring the snack and the teacher provides the cake. She chose grapefruit and Wheat Thins for the snack. Mike is pretty sure he can get the time off to go with me to it, as both parents are invited. Kaia has made clear that "invited" means "it's mandatory you come to my birthday!"

Natasha's first ultrasound is today!!

Also on the pregnancy front, I got most of the supplies for Tania's book. I had to order a few things online, since NONE of the stores I went to had basic pastel card stock! Very strange. I found some really cute things though, I am excited to get started! I also figured out the what the basic layout design is going to be.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Taking an Early Weekend

randomly deciding to take the day off today. Kaia was a bit cranky yesterday, and I don't feel much like getting ready and rushing out the door, so we aren't going to! After the morning fog clears up I'm going to see what the weather will allow us to do....possibly go to the park? Not sure what there is to do if it's cloudy and cold....I do need to get Tania's scrapbook stuff, but that's not very fun for Kaia. Maybe go out for pastries and hot drinks if it's cold.

also, of course, the house needs cleaning. but that can wait.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day Festival!

Today at Kaia's school we celebrated May Day! We took in fresh flowers and made garlands for the kids hair, and then went in search of the May Queen!
(If there's a bustle in your hedgerow don't be alarmed now. It's just a spring clean for the May Queen)
Ben seems to know what a camera means...every time he sees one he looks right at it and grins. Maybe he just thinks we look funny.
Here we are searching for the May Queen!

The 6th grade (I think...could have been 5th) played music for another class to dance, then did their own dance, which used dancing sticks and bells on their legs. Was very cool!
Then Kaia's class danced 'round the May Pole! They didn't do any weaving, just all went in one direction, and had a great time! Then the parents took the ribbons and danced around the opposite way to unwrap it.

Looks like I forgot to post pics of the May Queen and the accordion player. He was also very cool, and all the kids had a great time dancing around him.

After the festival, Natasha and her son came over for a few hours. The kids mostly got along, but they were both pretty tired, so there was some grief and sorrow. Ah well, they usually get along pretty well.

I really enjoy Natasha's company. We just click, as she said today, it's as if we've known each other for years, and we are very comfortable with each other. I am glad I have found such a friend. We made some more plans for next week. Oh! oh oh oh!! She's pregnant! So is Maggie! Soon there will be three (THREE!!!) wonderful tiny babies for me to hold and kiss their toes! By the time they are all born, Ben will be a year old and running all over, too busy to come cuddle with his mom.....