Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sharing the Magic

After I put Ben on the floor a few minutes ago, he got fussy. Kaia rushed over, scooped him up and carted him off to the couch where she then attempted to read to him. It didn't work very well, since he's quite grabby, but it lasted long enough to for to snap this picture!


Carol Chen Lord said...

This hair style makes Kaia even more a big sister. What a lovely young woman has she become!

Dr. Cason said...

Oh! How precious!

My heart melts when I see my oldest who's 5 pick up her little brother who is now 2 and tries to carry him on her hip.

She always looks at him pats her thigh and says- Dabby hold you? (her name is Gabby but Jake calls her Dabby!)

And he sometimes says yes and then the struggle begins. Oomph! as he shimmys up her thigh!