Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Family Outing

Well, I was going to upload pictures of our haircuts, but blogger decided that wasn't going to happen at the moment...I'll try again later!

Mike just got his usual "very short all over, longer on top than on the sides and back" cut. I have been dithering about getting my hair cut because of how long I've been growing it out, but I really never wear it down, and it annoys me more than anything else, so I got it cut in sort of an A it grows and I get it trimmed it'll be more of an A line (longer in front than in back). Kaia originally wanted her hair short all over, but then changed her mind and wanted hers like mine. Her hair is much more suited to an A line and looks ADORABLE.

I wasn't impressed with our stylists. I won't go into details, because it's not important, we'll just go somewhere else next time, and I am mostly happy with the results.

I am happy I decided to just cut mine, and Mike, though skeptical at first, seems to like my hair this way too. Kaia's haircut will hopefully cut down on the morning snarl fight!

I will try later to post pictures again!

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