Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yay! Blogger let me post pictures! Here's Kaia's new 'do! She wanted her hair cut like mine, which you will see isn't really possible, but it's close enough to please her.

And Mike, with his basic short-enough-to-be-able-to-ignore-for-a-few-months look.

Here is what mine looks like when it's down. Not the best look, but I knew that going in. I doubt I will ever have it down, so it doesn't matter. Mostly I'll have it.... this, or in pony tails. It's still long enough to put it ALL back in one pony tail, but I don't really like that look. Two pony tails look pretty cute though, if I do say so myself! Having the way it is in the picture above looks pretty nondescript and boring, but it's out of my way, out of Ben's reach, off my neck, and most importantly will STAY THERE without me having to re-do it all day!


Carol Chen Lord said...

Della, is that you? You look so much like young Sarah. (Of course!)

Carol Chen Lord said...

And, why can't Kaia have a "very short" hair cut like Mike again?