Tuesday, April 15, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

Go To:
-a play
-a Mariners or Seahawks game with John (completed 4/11/08)
-some sort of event with my dad (completed, Dead concert at Gorge)
-a museum exhibit
-Cedar Point, Ohio, with Ariel, and ride all the roller coasters (this is not going to happen yet)
Financial Goals!
-buy a house
-buy another car (sort of done. received car as gift, so goal of having two cars is done!)
-pay off credit card
-pay mom and Chris back (Chris paid off as of 12/09)
-have $1000 set aside for true emergencies
-have 3 months of living expenses set aside
-do the New York Times 101 meals list
-stock a bar with enough alcohol for at least 5 different mixed drinks (work in progress)
-buy a fun-looking cookbook or cooking magazine and make everything in it
-use up all food in the house (at the start of this goal). replace as needed(completed 4/14/08)
-grow my own tomatoes again(not doing this because Mike and Ben can't eat tomatoes)
Creative Endeavors!
-sew something on my sewing machine (made Mike and my Halloween costumes!)
-do another felting project
-finish at least one scrapbook (other than Tania’s)
-make Tania’s scrapbook
-make three different self portraits using at least 3 different types of media
-pick one of my favorite pieces of Kaia’s art and have it framed
-complete a knitting project
-make a usable skein of yarn
-knit something from my own yarn
-enlarge and frame at least 5 photos
-do secret project for mom for Mother’s Day 2009 (edited to finish by M'sD 2009) (crap. whoops)
-write a piece of short fiction
-handwrite 10 letters to family/friends (1/10 done)
-handwrite a blog entry and scan it in
-participate in 3 Sunday Scribblings prompts
-write a memoir with at least one memory from each year of my life
Learnin’ New Knowledges!
-go back to school(started school again Fall 2008)
-take a wine tasting class
-read a scientific magazine cover to cover
-take a dance class
-read 5 biographies
-take Uncle Mike’s high performance driving class
-take a CPR class(completed summer 2008)
-take a cooking class
-learn how to knit from mom (completed 1/09)
-learn how to use a drop spindle
Start Giving Back!
-volunteer at a soup kitchen
-take Kaia to soup kitchen after I’ve gone at least once alone
-give $50 to 2 homeless people
-give a local charity $100
-volunteer for Habitat For Humanity or similar organization
Spend an Entire Weekend:
-just with Kaia
-with each of my siblings
-away with both kids, leave Mike a clean house and no to-do list
-just with Mike
-by myself
Just For Me!
-get a massage
-spend a day at a spa
-have my tattoo redone
-get a passport—then use it (completed 6/14/08)
Time with Friends!
-go on a trip with Kathy and Tania
-visit Kathy and Mike
-go to Andrea’s for a week
-go on a trail ride with Andrea
-make an emergency supplies kit for car
-turn part of hallway closet into a pantry (completed 3/22/08)
-start a 2 week emergency supply rotation
Go An Entire Week (separate week for each goal)
-without sweets
-doing as many pushups and sit-ups every morning as I can
-running each morning
-going to bed at 9 and wake up at 6
-playing a game with my family each night
-cleaning the kitchen before bed
-using g diapers exclusively(completed 5/5/08)
-drinking 64 ounces of water each day
-posting a glimpse of the day each day
-flossing every night
-get a dog (completed January 09)
-go to training class with my dog (completed March 09)
-have family pictures taken (completed 2/28/09)
-teach Ben how to sleep on his own(completed end of 2008)
-get a physical(completed end of 2008)
-vote in the 2008 presidential election(Yes, we did!)
-do each weekly challenge for a full month (g diaper challenge completed 5/08)
-smile at everyone I see for an entire day
-send/give birthday cards made from recycled paper to everyone I know for an entire year
-stay off of computer for 3 consecutive days
-send Christmas cards on time
-finish Kaia’s room re-do(completed 4/30/08)
-make new list for anther 1001 day challenge
Family Time!
-go to the beach with Mike and the kids
-let Kaia help make dinner at least 5 times (3/5 done)
-visit 5 new restaurants with Mike (1/5 done)
-make and decorate cookies with Kaia
-teach Ben at least one baby ASL sign(he learned "more" by 13 months)
-pick out and cook all new food with Mike for a dinner together
-read a book out loud with Mike (reading Altered Carbon...slowly)
-choose a book I loved from childhood and read it with Kaia in one week
-spend a morning or day going to garage sales with Mike
-spend a day with Mike going to art galleries and buy something we love
-have a picnic with Mike and kids
-go on five walks with just Ben(1/5)
-go on five walks with just Kaia
-go puddle jumping with Mike and kids
-buy a king size bed(bought February 2009)


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check this out for help with that emergency kit for the care - see the first aid and survival & travel sections

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