Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day Three - A Whole Lotta Fun...and something to mark off my 101 list

I should have my computer back soon, so will be able to post lots of pictures from the last few days......

Yesterday we went to the Pacific Science Center. It was very cool. There were all sorts of hands-on things for the kids -and u -to do, from testing hand eye co-ordination to looking at all sorts of items under a microscope, to making a huge bubble wall. I didn't get as many pictures from this trip, since most of it was better enjoyed while we were there, and less photo ops.

After we got back, John and I got ready and left for the Mariner's game. They played the Angels, and, of course, kicked their asses! I had planned on enjoying myself, if only because I was there with a huge fan, and figured I'd get into the energy of it all....but I surprised myself by how much I actually got into the game. From yelling "RAUUUUUUUUUUUL!!!" to sitting on the edge of my seat when bases were loaded, to whispering "drop, drop, drop!" and willing the ball to NOT be a home run for the Angels, or "go! go! go!" when it looked like a possible homer for the Mariners, to jumping up and screaming when they won (in the top of the ninth, yeah, I can talk the talk now, thankyouverymuch!), I didn't have a bored moment the entire time. I will now know, when people speak of "Felix Hernandez" that they mean the starting pitcher for the Mariners, and I can tell you what a triple is, and the difference between a strike and a ball (I had a fuzzy idea before, but now I can occasionally see what John is talking about when he praises Raul ("RAUUUUUUUUUUL!") for his good eye. I ate a Shishkaberry, and drank a Mike's, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you, John, and I am looking forward to our next game!

Today, however, I bowed out of the festivities. The group, this time including Mike, went to the aquarium and the Sci Fi Museum, but I am enjoying some quiet time at home with Ben. My feet hurt, and my cough is worse. I think a day at home is good for Ben too. I am a bit surprised at my energy today, I am getting a lot done. I think it's because of how active I've been in the last few days, which makes me realize how little exercise I normally get. I am going to make a real effort to plan more walks, maybe asking Natasha if she wants to join me on weekly outings.

Ben is fighting a nap, so I must go.

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