Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Morning, 7:18am

Andrea's mustang had her baby! Check out pics at! He's very cute!

The bad news is that she won't be able to come visit with John and the kids. I totally understand, and am not at upset with her, but very disappointed. I was really excited about spending time with her again. She is going to plan to come over solo sometime this year, which I look forward to greatly!

John and the kids are still coming over, and we have a busy few days planned! We're going to get CityPasses, which allow us to go to several things for much cheaper. The Seattle Aquarium, The zoo, the Sci-Fi Center (Space Needle), as well as a couple other things. Should be a blast!! John and I discussed me wearing pigtails and trying to be his 5 child, a 12 year old girl, but alas, I am well past being able to pass for pre-pubescent! ;-) So I will have to pay full price for the CityPass.

We also have Natasha and her son coming over on Friday! I've been over to her house a few times, but she's never been here. Kaia has decided on cheese and crackers for a snack. She also requested cooked peas, but I might trade those for fresh ones!

Buy Nothing Month is going well (for it only being the 2nd!) and I made it out of the Botanical Gardens gift shop yesterday without buying a thing! Interestingly enough, even though I saw several adorable things, I wasn't even seriously tempted.

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Andrea said...

I know some people who feel very weird leaving a store without buying something. I can kind of understand it in a little store, where maybe you feel like you're insulting their wares, but not in big stores.

I'll get over there sometime soon. Maybe even with the kids. They have a 4 day weekend next month. Ooh, but they might have ball practice... Might be fun to come without them too...