Monday, March 31, 2008

Down With Consumerism! and such....

You may have noticed the little sign at the top of my page. I've been reading Crunchy Chicken's site for a few months now (click on Challenge Box to reach her site). I didn't join her Freeze Yer Buns challenge because I absolutely HATE to be cold, as those who know me know full well. (Though I have been making an effort to keep my thermostat down. It hasn't been above 70 the whole time since we moved at the beginning of January, and before that I used to keep it between 70 and 75)

But this is a challenge I need to join. I don't feel I've been going crazy, but I have bought quite a bit in the last few months. Most of it was and is needed, but I haven't been paying as close attention to my purchases and I should be. So this will help me do that. Here are the parts that are going to be hard, and how I'll (hopefully) solve them:

Clothes for Ben. He is growing out of all of his long sleeved stuff, but it isn't warm enough outside yet for short sleeves. However, one of the rules is that I can buy used if I really feel a need for something. So I will be going to Goodwill in the next few days to see what I can find. If I don't find anything, I'll look up other second hand stores in the area.

Various Kitchen Things I Still Want. Cloth napkins, Pyrex storage containers, new utensils. All of these things are on my mental list of things I really want, and actually will be useful. And yes, I am a snob, and don't want to buy these things at Goodwill. I realize that is illogical. I'm okay with that. So. Solution? Well, first, I do plan on getting these things. I am using this challenge primarily to force myself to start paying attention, and to start the habit of really noticing what I am buying. I know it may be cheating to simply wait until May to buy some of these things, but in that time I will be learning more about myself. Cloth napkins: we still have several rolls of paper towels, which isn't ideal, but will do. I actually will check Goodwill for cloth napkins, but I'm doubtful I will find something I want. Pyrex: I have plenty of glass jars that we've been using, and it will give me a month to see how few Pyrex containers we can get away with. I have one drawer set aside for them, and refuse to use more. New utensils. I am not being indulgent in wanting new utensils. The ones I have were cheap 7 years ago when we bought them. The handles fall off the useful ends constantly. But they still work, and will last another month, for sure.

Other than that, I think I can do it. Along with my new effort to spend around $100 a week on groceries, it should really help me get a grip on our finances for April, which is one of MY main goals for this challenge, though I realize it's supposed to be for other consumer-ish reasons. Along that line, it will help me too, for if I see anything during April that I want, I will know that if I REALLY want it, I will remember it in May. If the more likely event happens, and I forget all about it, it was severely unnecessary.

Wish me luck. And join me, if you wish! It's only a month, you can do it!


Anonymous said...

VERY cool Del. I LOVE how you set goals for yourself. Some of them really do get met!! Good for you!! I will join you on this one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Del,

Haven't been around much lately but I still read you now and then. My Mom has gotten lots of amazing deals on cloth napkins and table sets as well as pyrex and stoneware on Ebay.