Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a Simple Wish

In an almost perfect world here is how my day would go. (in a perfect world, we'd have magic, so chores wouldn't need to be done.)

6am: Wake up cheerful and rested. Head to fitness center. Son remains blissfully asleep.

6:45: Come home, wake up daughter. Kiss husband on his way out the door, after handing him his lunch that I made the night before. Make one cup of coffee, which is a vice I do not wish to give up.

6:45-7: At some point during this time, son wakes up. I eat breakfast at table with daughter. She then begins to get ready for school. Bring son into bathroom and take quick yet invigorating shower.

7:15: Dress son in adorable, inexpensive and organic outfit (it's my dream world people, so organic isn't expensive!) Dress self in simple yet flattering, inexpensive, organic outfit.

7:30: Unload dishwasher (loaded and started the night before). Start a load of laundry. Pick up any clutter that wasn't gotten to the day before (my almost perfect world allows for a little imperfection).

8:00: Take daughter's lunch, made the night before, out of refrigerator. Gather clean and shining children. Take daughter to school.

8:15: Drop daughter off at school. Run any errands that need done- grocery shopping, etc.

9:30 or so: Go home and put son down for nap. Continue with laundry. Vacuum. Do any household chores that need done.

11:15 or so: Son wakes up from nap. Play with son, maybe go for a short walk. Eat lunch.

12:15: Go to pick up daughter from school. Stay with her while she plays on playground with friends. Chat with other parents.

1:30pm: Go home. Prepare snack for children and self.

afternoon spent with children, playing, etc. Son has another nap at some point. Possibly go to fun event.

4:30: Start delicious dinner which was planned ahead of time.

5:20: Welcome husband home with a kiss. Serve dinner.

6:00: Put away left over dinner, clean kitchen, start dishwasher.

6:30: Spend some time with family.

6:45: Give children baths. Daughter then gets ready for bed.

7:15: Read with kids. Husband then sings with kids. Put both kids to bed.

7:30: Make lunches for husband and daughter for next day. Finish cleaning kitchen if not done.

7:45: Spend time with husband. Spend some time alone.

9:00: Go to sleep. Sleep all night. Begin again.

See? I don't ask for much. Just a regular schedule that I can follow each day. I just need the energy to actually do it, and the co-operation of my son. oh yes, obviously several times during the day I'd be feeding him. I realize however that that can't be scheduled.

whoops, son is awake. I will post later how I plan to slowly start putting this plan into action!

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Anonymous said...

This is a very realistic set of plans, really! In a very short while, Ben WILL be sleeping more regularly, and th erest will follow suit. Good direction, Della!