Thursday, March 06, 2008

Starting Strong

The first task on my list that I am tackling is to eat everything that is currently in my cupboards. This does not mean I want - or will have - empty cupboards, but I don't like how I have canned goods and such from several months ago, just languishing there. So I marked everything with a black pen, and in the next two months I will use it ALL up. (actually, not ALL, I didn't mark things like spices or baking powder. I use those things pretty regularly anyway)

I will be grocery shopping during that time, of course, but I am going to try to only buy things on my grocery list, which will be made according to menus I plan ahead. Because I do want to have things on hand, I will buy extras of things I know I use often, such as refried beans and canned corn. But I will try my best not to buy something just because it looks tasty in the store. If I really want something, I will write it down, and incorporate it into the next week's menu. That way I know it will get used.

Today I made pancakes for my lunch using the Bisquick that's been in the cupboard since we moved here, and the frozen berries that have been in the freezer since we realized our blender is not up to making smoothies with them. Kaia also eats them in her lunch, but true to form, I bought WAY too many, and we need that freezer space.

Although I do use my spices, and didn't mark them, I do want to use them MORE. So I am also going to be looking for recipes that use more herbs and spices, instead of simply salt. Mike and I are trying to cut down on our sodium intake, as well as show Kaia how good food can taste even without it.

Wish me luck! And if you know of anything I can do with canned kidney beans, please let me know....

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John Adler said...

The best thing to do with canned kidney beans is to mix them in with 5 gallons of gas, add one lit match, and WALLAHH! You have burnt nasty beans! They are still not edible, but it does make for a pretty light show/explosion.