Friday, March 28, 2008

In Which I Whine Like a 2 year Old

Being sick as a kid is such a breeze. You can just hang out on the couch while your mom or dad bring you Popsicles and chicken noodle soup and 7-up. You can cuddle down in soft blankets and watch TV, and take a nap whenever you feel like it.

Being sick as a mom? Slightly different. I can take a break on the couch, while my son sleeps--on me, of course, which makes getting comfy a bit difficult. My daughter is a huge help, luckily. She so sweetly brought me water and offered to make me soup. Being 7, she isn't quite ready to move from making her own sandwiches to boiling soup, but it was kind of her to offer.

But I can only rest for a short time. There is still laundry to wash, fold, and put away, dishes to scrub, and put away, dinner to plan and cook, lunch to make, cat litter to change, etc.

and just to bitch a bit, my throat HURTS!!! Like making my eyes water HURT. The bag of cough drops says "do not use while breastfeeding" (WTF?!?!) so that's out. I've eaten a few spoonfuls of honey, which helps for a few minutes, but my stomach can only handle so much honey, ya know?

And though Kaia is being very sweet, she still requires answers to her several hundred questions: "what should I draw next? Do you like this dress? Should I draw daddy in the store or in the house? Can I do finger painting on the kitchen floor? Is Ben awake yet? What is there to do? When will dad get home? Can I do regular painting on the table? What is there to eat? Can I have some fruit leather? Are you crying? Do you want some water? Can I have something to eat? Why don't we have any bread? Can we go to the store? Why not?"

I am hoping 5:30 comes soon. Mike will be home. I plan on handing over the baby and taking a very hot bath. Then maybe go to bed. And while I'm living in that fantasy world, maybe he'll bring me some chicken noodle soup and 7-up, right before he finishes the dishes and cleans the house.

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