Monday, March 17, 2008

In Which Kaia Is Sick, Which Rarely Happens

Kaia is sick today, which puts off my plans of going to Bed Bath and Beyond. Ah well. She mostly seems to feel okay, but she has a fever of about 101-102. Right now she is playing tickle games with Ben, so she is handling it well.

I gave her some children's Motrin, then thought to see when it expired. August of 2006. Oops. It seems to be helping her feel better though. So far she has only watched The Last Unicorn once (today) but she is planning on watching it again as soon as I tell her she can. She loves that movie, I do too! Her favorite part is the talking skeleton - that part always creeps me out. I like Molly Grew. Kaia likes Lear and Molly's old gang's minstrel, who I hadn't ever even noticed. She likes the feather in his hair and thinks he's cute.

I dirty diaper calls to me to change it, and Ben has woken up hungry. Hope your day goes well!

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