Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Which Plans Are Changed

Ben is now sick. damn. Kaia is getting better, today her fever is down to about 99.5. She mostly feels fine - says she does- but is pretty cranky and prone to sudden tears. Of course, that's not just the illness, but it's nice to pretend to myself that it will go away when her fever does.

Ben's fever was 102, but the Tylenol brought it down to 100.8. He's sleeping right now, but woke up a bit go, poor guy just lay there and whimpered, wondering why he was feeling so icky. Wouldn't even eat. He ate a bit ago, though, so I'm not worried too much about that yet.

We were planning on going with Mike to Vancouver this weekend, but looks like that's off. Kaia's pretty disappointed, she was really looking forward to seeing her Granny and Grumpy. Mike will probably still go unless I get sick and need help with the kids. He'll only be gone Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon though.

So now I am stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby. I need to pee, and should take some vitamins and drink some water, but can't really. I don't want to wake up Ben.

Wish us luck.

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