Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I did something a little different this year with the Easter Bunny stuff. Instead of buying a basket and a lot of little junk, I just put a few cool things on the table. Also, I decided not to buy a lot of candy, instead just getting a smallish chocolate bunny (can't forgo THAT!) and 3 little chocolate bugs. Then I got her 3 more groovy girls, a couple groovy girl outfits, and some cookie cutters. She was thrilled! She didn't even notice the absence of a basket, and mentioned to her Granny her "tons of candy!"
Ben got the free duck (see above) that came when I ordered the groovy girls, a little eggplant person (in the picture below) and a wood and cloth dove toy. My mom sent Kaia 2 groovy girl sleeping bags and Ben an awesome onesie that says "SMILE".

This is also the start of my attempted week of posting a Daily Glimpse every day. Wish me luck! Happy Easter, y'all.


Andrea said...

Ben is huge! Shouldn't he be walking or something? He looks completely different. Cute hair. :) Sounds like a fun Easter!

Anonymous said...

OMG I can't believe how much like Mike Ben looks!!!!!!!!!!! KNock me out and cover me with daisies!! He is so big!! Mom