Monday, June 01, 2009

Lazy Bullet Update

  • My tallest pea plants are almost as tall as me and have blossoms!
  • We start Phase One of Making My House NOT Look Like I'm Twenty And Just Moved Out on Saturday!!!
  • This school quarter is almost over! Then I only have three more...until I enter the two year ultrasound tech program...
  • My other plants are doing well, if a bit sporadic in their sprouting.
  • I met my brother's baby's mom this past weekend. From the little time I had with her, I like her okay. We didn't click well enough that I'm disappointed they aren't together, but enough to be okay with her being the mother of my niece (like I have a choice, of course!)
  • there isn't a whole lot more in my life that is exciting, so I think I'll end this post!