Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was handed making....KAHLUA WHIPPED CREAM!

I just juiced all the lemons my mom gave me. I had a LOT, even though she kept a bunch, and gave some to my sister too. They are from my Aunt Carol--her sister has a lemon tree in California. We made lemonade the other day, and Kaia planted a few seeds, despite my pessimistic warnings of our climate and its not-lemon-friendly amount of rain. Tonight I got enough juice for 2 large jars, which I'm freezing. I also made lemon ice cream, though I am not sure it will work out.

THEN. I made Kahlua whipped cream! wonderful stuff people. wonderful stuff. and not related to lemons at all. Oh! but I am eating it with strawberries, which are a citrus fruit, and so are lemons! So there!

One of the 50 similar conversations I have daily with my daughter

me: Please pick up your crayons.
Kaia: But I want to draw!
me: You weren't drawing, you were playing horses. Please pick up your crayons.
Kaia: Why can't I draw?
me: Because I want you to pick up your crayons. We are cleaning right now.
Kaia: But I want to draw!
me: Not right now, pick up your crayons.
Kaia: Why can't I draw?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This, That, and the Other

I feel there is so much I should, or could, write about that I haven't written because it all seems overwhelming. And a couple of the things are really important, like my mom's surgery, and Tania's pregnancy, that doing a post that includes all of them seems to trivialize the important ones. But if I keep this up, I'll never write a post again! So, please forgive me, mom and Tania, for putting your really important things in with other not so important things. So, here, in a probably very long post, are some of the things that I've been meaning to write about lately......

First up, I realized I haven't mentioned Tania's pregnancy much, if at all. The initial reason for that was that she wasn't telling everyone right away, and though none of the people she wasn't telling read my blog, or really even know about me, I thought I'd honor her desire to keep it all on the down low. Then when she DID tell everyone, I'd already known for awhile, and I didn't have the "OH MY GOD THERE'S SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENING" chance to write about it. However, it IS happening, and it IS AWESOME. She finds out whether she's having a girl or a boy on the 30th. I was starting to think about a baby shower for her, but she is having one in Canada, so if I had one in Vancouver, there'd only be a couple of people. I think instead I will just do something special with her sometime in the coming months, and ask her sister in law, Sarah, to help me get some scrapbook stuff done at the shower. It would be nice to go to Canada, but I don't have a passport, nor the $100 it takes to get one, not to mention the money to get there. Ah well. Another time. Back to fun stuff!! I am SO sis-cited to meet her baby!!!!

My mom went in for hip surgery yesterday. It was successful, and I've talked to her a few times today. She's very tired, but excited that it's done, and looking forward to trying out her new hip! She's going to get the second one done in a few months, then planning on going hiking again for the first time in years! I'm really happy it's going well, and sending many many healing, happy thoughts her way.

At school the other day:

Kaia: Ms. H, I know what s*x is!
Ms. H: Oh, really?
Kaia: Yes, but I have to whisper it in your ear, 'cause some of the other kids might not know yet.
Ms. H: Okay........
Kaia (whispering): It's when a mom and a dad take off all their clothes except their underwear, then they hug and hug and hug!!

At my mom's house this past weekend, Kaia was watching TV. We don't have one, so she hasn't see actual TV shows for a long time. The show went to commercials. She watched for a minute, then looked over at me-- "Mom, what is this?! My movie was on, then all these....something came on that wasn't my movie!" I told her those were ads. She was confused. "What are ads?" I explained. She wasn't impressed. Yesterday, on the way to school she brought it up again. "Mom, why do those companies need more money? They already have money!"

I'm in a bit of a funk today. Something going one with a friend that I am trying not to take personally, because I am 99% sure it ISN'T personal, but my insecurities are rising, and I really would like it to be resolved. I don't know her very well yet. What I do know says that it isn't about me, and I keep yelling at myself that it isn't always about ME, in fact, it rarely is! I'm being selfish and egotistical to think it's about me. So I should just let it go. And I'm trying. It's so not this big of a deal. Okay, enough now.

Ben! He is so wanting to crawl! oh! and while we were at my mom's, I was standing with him in my arms in the kitchen with a few other people. He was wiggling and fussing and pushing away from me, so I put him on the floor so that I was holding on to his hands while he was standing. He looked all around at everyone, then grinned up at me like "NOW I'm just like everyone else!" He's so aware of the world around him. I'm working on a few things with him. Trying to get him to go to sleep without nursing him to sleep, and helping him get used to his crib. Today he woke up from his nap in it and didn't immediately start crying! He just looked around. Progress!! Last night he slept in his crib for a three hour stretch!

Okay, that's enough for now. Must work on house and dinner.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally got to plant with Kaia!

Yesterday Ben joined Kaia and I outside while we planted strawberries and herbs!

Here Kaia is, first mixing the soil and compost, then watering our finished task!

In the top planter there are two types of strawberries,
and in the bottom one, from left to right, is basil, purple sage, marjoram, and oregano.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am shocked and amazed

I have now discovered that not only do I like hazelnuts, I also enjoy almonds. Does this mean I'm a grownup now? Please say it isn't so!

second tooth makes appearance!

Ben's second tooth! It's purely coincidence he's wearing the same outfit.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ben's First Tooth!

I totally forgot to blog about Ben's first tooth!!!! He got it last Thursday, April 17th. It's hard to see in the pictures, but it's his bottom right one. (on the left in the picture, obviously)

A Plan Deferred

drat! They are replacing all the roofing on our building, and they picked this afternoon to do the part right outside our patio. So no gardening right now, I doubt they'd appreciate it, since they are dropping roofing willy-nilly three feet from our back door.

Anyone know any good recipes with marjoram?

Today they decided to test the fire alarms here at our apartment complex. Now, as a veteran of accidentally setting off fire alarms, let me tell you I've heard some loud ones. The ones here? Are the LOUDEST DAMN ALARMS I've ever heard! And they didn't just set them off then be done. No, instead, testing apparently means setting them off randomly for 20 minutes.

So Ben and I decided to head down to the produce market near here and buy some veggies.

Instead! I bought herbs: oregano, thyme, marjoram, and....something else...and also strawberries! I also bought some potting soil and compost, but I already have pots. I am going to take Ben's high chair outside on the porch while Kaia and I have an impromptu gardening session this afternoon. I will take pictures and post them later! was sunny all the way up to's starting to cloud over...darn this weather! Doesn't the universe know I wish to have some mother/daughter time later?! I know I made the appointment....I think.....

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Patience Is A Wonderful Virtue. Just Not One Of Mine.

I need more. Specifically, I need to consciously make an effort to be more patient with my daughter. I spend so much of my time with Ben, and trying to keep up with everything, that Kaia tends to get my reserves. Since even at my best I am not known for my patience (to understate the issue) I have lately noticed that I am snapping at her overmuch.

When the time is there, I need to let her go at her own pace. I need to let her muse about her world. I need to let her be silly or serious, at her own pace.

Sometimes, true, we need to be going now, we need to be there now, it has to happen now. But often, it doesn't need to. It can happen later...or never. How can I tie and gag this built in part of me that feels the need to speed us up? That tries to get to the end before enjoying the middle?

This is my goal for this week. To slow down. To just. slow. down. let my daughter be herself, let her move through her world at her own pace.

A Rare and Unwanted Occurance

OH MY GOD. We have snow in April. I am just shocked. We don't always get snow in December here in the Pacific Northwest, much less at the end of April. I am personally offended. I just moved back after three years in snow country.
I was looking forward to NO SNOW. I think it followed me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Do you see this?

DO YOU SEE THIS?!!?! It's snowing!!!! It's the flippin' 19th of APRIL in Seattle! Why the hell does the Universe feel it's necessary to SNOW?!

Next time, I really should be consulted.
'Cause I am definitely on the NO SNOW IN APRIL side of this issue.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not The Morning I Had Planned

My car has had the check engine light on for some time now. It stalls in hot weather, and sometimes in cold. It has no power going up hills, or whenever accelerating. This morning? It wouldn't start. Twice. So to the dealer I went, not having any idea where else to go for reliable service. Turns out the battery and spark plugs are bad, and it's time for it's 90,000 mile major service. One nice part is that they gave me a free loaner car. I will save my happiness for the stalling issue until I know for sure it's fixed.

It's nice that we had the money to get this done. It used up our reserves, but at least we HAD reserves for just this sort of emergency.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Starting New

While I was excited to move here at the beginning of the year, there was one dark point. I had never moved anywhere (in my adult life) that I didn't already have a good friend. I hadn't really ever moved far away, except the last time, when we moved to Pullman, and there I had Andrea and John, and I really couldn't ask for better.

But I had a few acquaintances, and a few relatives, both of which I am very happy for. But I missed having a good friend close by, someone to invite over even if my house was a mess, or to ask to babysit my kids while I had a doctor appointment, or to go grocery shopping with. Someone who had a kid or two who got along with my kid or two. Someone whose husband and my husband also like each other. Someone I felt at ease doing dishes in front of, or laundry. Someone whose house I could hang out in while she did dishes...or laundry.

I know it takes awhile to find this. I know I will, years from now, look back on this time and only dimly remember the loneliness. I will have made a few good friends, and my days will be full.

I think I have made the first few steps toward this. I have met a couple women I really like. I like their kids, I like their husbands (and so does Mike!)

I am so impatient. I want to hurry past these times of slight uncertainty. Do they like me too? Do they like my kids? I know they do...but do they like me A LOT?! Do they feel that they could be friends with me ten years from now? Twenty? I want to move into the level of comfortability I have with Kathy and Tania and Andrea. I realize I can't. I realize that takes time. Years.

But darn it. I want it NOW. (why am I so like a child sometimes?!)

and of course, in my duality, I am looking forward to the years of getting to know these women, when I stop to think about it. I look forward to watching their children grow with mine.

When I can remember to slow down, I can enjoy this time in our new friendship.

101 Things in 1001 Days

Go To:
-a play
-a Mariners or Seahawks game with John (completed 4/11/08)
-some sort of event with my dad (completed, Dead concert at Gorge)
-a museum exhibit
-Cedar Point, Ohio, with Ariel, and ride all the roller coasters (this is not going to happen yet)
Financial Goals!
-buy a house
-buy another car (sort of done. received car as gift, so goal of having two cars is done!)
-pay off credit card
-pay mom and Chris back (Chris paid off as of 12/09)
-have $1000 set aside for true emergencies
-have 3 months of living expenses set aside
-do the New York Times 101 meals list
-stock a bar with enough alcohol for at least 5 different mixed drinks (work in progress)
-buy a fun-looking cookbook or cooking magazine and make everything in it
-use up all food in the house (at the start of this goal). replace as needed(completed 4/14/08)
-grow my own tomatoes again(not doing this because Mike and Ben can't eat tomatoes)
Creative Endeavors!
-sew something on my sewing machine (made Mike and my Halloween costumes!)
-do another felting project
-finish at least one scrapbook (other than Tania’s)
-make Tania’s scrapbook
-make three different self portraits using at least 3 different types of media
-pick one of my favorite pieces of Kaia’s art and have it framed
-complete a knitting project
-make a usable skein of yarn
-knit something from my own yarn
-enlarge and frame at least 5 photos
-do secret project for mom for Mother’s Day 2009 (edited to finish by M'sD 2009) (crap. whoops)
-write a piece of short fiction
-handwrite 10 letters to family/friends (1/10 done)
-handwrite a blog entry and scan it in
-participate in 3 Sunday Scribblings prompts
-write a memoir with at least one memory from each year of my life
Learnin’ New Knowledges!
-go back to school(started school again Fall 2008)
-take a wine tasting class
-read a scientific magazine cover to cover
-take a dance class
-read 5 biographies
-take Uncle Mike’s high performance driving class
-take a CPR class(completed summer 2008)
-take a cooking class
-learn how to knit from mom (completed 1/09)
-learn how to use a drop spindle
Start Giving Back!
-volunteer at a soup kitchen
-take Kaia to soup kitchen after I’ve gone at least once alone
-give $50 to 2 homeless people
-give a local charity $100
-volunteer for Habitat For Humanity or similar organization
Spend an Entire Weekend:
-just with Kaia
-with each of my siblings
-away with both kids, leave Mike a clean house and no to-do list
-just with Mike
-by myself
Just For Me!
-get a massage
-spend a day at a spa
-have my tattoo redone
-get a passport—then use it (completed 6/14/08)
Time with Friends!
-go on a trip with Kathy and Tania
-visit Kathy and Mike
-go to Andrea’s for a week
-go on a trail ride with Andrea
-make an emergency supplies kit for car
-turn part of hallway closet into a pantry (completed 3/22/08)
-start a 2 week emergency supply rotation
Go An Entire Week (separate week for each goal)
-without sweets
-doing as many pushups and sit-ups every morning as I can
-running each morning
-going to bed at 9 and wake up at 6
-playing a game with my family each night
-cleaning the kitchen before bed
-using g diapers exclusively(completed 5/5/08)
-drinking 64 ounces of water each day
-posting a glimpse of the day each day
-flossing every night
-get a dog (completed January 09)
-go to training class with my dog (completed March 09)
-have family pictures taken (completed 2/28/09)
-teach Ben how to sleep on his own(completed end of 2008)
-get a physical(completed end of 2008)
-vote in the 2008 presidential election(Yes, we did!)
-do each weekly challenge for a full month (g diaper challenge completed 5/08)
-smile at everyone I see for an entire day
-send/give birthday cards made from recycled paper to everyone I know for an entire year
-stay off of computer for 3 consecutive days
-send Christmas cards on time
-finish Kaia’s room re-do(completed 4/30/08)
-make new list for anther 1001 day challenge
Family Time!
-go to the beach with Mike and the kids
-let Kaia help make dinner at least 5 times (3/5 done)
-visit 5 new restaurants with Mike (1/5 done)
-make and decorate cookies with Kaia
-teach Ben at least one baby ASL sign(he learned "more" by 13 months)
-pick out and cook all new food with Mike for a dinner together
-read a book out loud with Mike (reading Altered Carbon...slowly)
-choose a book I loved from childhood and read it with Kaia in one week
-spend a morning or day going to garage sales with Mike
-spend a day with Mike going to art galleries and buy something we love
-have a picnic with Mike and kids
-go on five walks with just Ben(1/5)
-go on five walks with just Kaia
-go puddle jumping with Mike and kids
-buy a king size bed(bought February 2009)

Check it out...

Here are some pictures, finally, from John's family visit last week! In no particular order......

Here are the kids at the Experience Music Project.
I didn't go, so can't really talk about the picture.

Here're me and Ben, right before the cruise.

And this is an historic moment....the day I became a Mariner's fan!

Katia in profile. I like this shot. oh...and the Space Needle.

The kids on one of the bronze animals they loved so much.

We saw more of these at the zoo than real animals, so I don't really blame them.

Mike and Kaia. Not sure where, I wasn't there. But aren't they so sweet together!

All the kids on their last day here.
Me and John, embarrassing the kids. Well, Katia at least, and she wasn't so embarrassed she couldn't take our picture.
Ben, discovering grass! He's pretty fond of it.
At the zoo. If you look between me and Katia, you can see a hippo butt. Bronze animals and animal butts. that was the zoo.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Soon....soon now there will be pictures once more....'cause you know what's sexy?! My man sitting at the table fixin' my laptop! Actually, it is now all fixed, he's just cleaning off the thousands of things Toshiba put on there that I don't want. Seriously, there's a shitload of programs on there that I really don't want, need, or will use. Last time it took him an HOUR to clean it off! Wacked out computer company. Anyway, after he gets done, I will post several pictures from the last few days.

John and his kids left a bit ago. It was a really awesome visit! Here are a few (of many!!) moments that stand out for me:

  • Seeing the sea lions on the harbor cruise
  • John's enthusiasm for the Gum Wall
  • Getting lost while following John in downtown Seattle
  • Animal butts at the zoo....more and more and more animal butts
  • Walking along the waterfront with John and all the kids, just spending time
  • The iron-liquid at the Science Center
  • Making....dinner with Mike while John took all 4 kids to dinner

Mostly, it was just fun to hang out with good friends. To discover new places in Seattle to go, and share the experience.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let the Monitering Begin!

Ben is sleeping in his crib!!!!!!! He was really tired, and was in dire need of a nap, so I figured once he was asleep he'd sleep pretty hard, so this was the best time to try it. I tried before, but putting him on his back, and that didn't work at all. He startled himself awake about every 15 seconds. Right now he's on his stomach, and sleeping so well! He can easily roll onto his stomach himself, and sleeps on his stomach on me all the time, so I'm not really worried about it anymore. And I am so happy he's in there!! I figure I'll put him in there at least once a day for his nap, if I can, for a few weeks before I try him in there at night, so he's very used to it. I plan to go in as soon as he wakes up, so the whole experience isn't scary for him.

It's so nice to have him sleeping on his own! I can get things done! I made a shortbread cake, which both John and Mike really like. It's in the oven now, and soon I will start the frosting. The cake is a recipe from one of my cookbooks that I made with white spelt flour, and it tastes exactly like shortbread. The frosting is my tried and true Most Delicious Chocolate Frosting In The World recipe, which I will post one of these days.

I am kind of wanting a nap, too, but the cake is baking, and I don't think he'll sleep long enough for me to get in a good one after it's done. He'll take another nap around 4 or 5, depending on when he wakes up from this one, so if Mike and John and the kids aren't back yet, I may sleep with him then.

Hmm...speaking of them getting back, I have no idea what to do for dinner. I think John is planning on taking the kids to McDonald's so Mike and I can have an in-home date, so I think I am only cooking for the two of us, but I should make sure first.

Day Three - A Whole Lotta Fun...and something to mark off my 101 list

I should have my computer back soon, so will be able to post lots of pictures from the last few days......

Yesterday we went to the Pacific Science Center. It was very cool. There were all sorts of hands-on things for the kids -and u -to do, from testing hand eye co-ordination to looking at all sorts of items under a microscope, to making a huge bubble wall. I didn't get as many pictures from this trip, since most of it was better enjoyed while we were there, and less photo ops.

After we got back, John and I got ready and left for the Mariner's game. They played the Angels, and, of course, kicked their asses! I had planned on enjoying myself, if only because I was there with a huge fan, and figured I'd get into the energy of it all....but I surprised myself by how much I actually got into the game. From yelling "RAUUUUUUUUUUUL!!!" to sitting on the edge of my seat when bases were loaded, to whispering "drop, drop, drop!" and willing the ball to NOT be a home run for the Angels, or "go! go! go!" when it looked like a possible homer for the Mariners, to jumping up and screaming when they won (in the top of the ninth, yeah, I can talk the talk now, thankyouverymuch!), I didn't have a bored moment the entire time. I will now know, when people speak of "Felix Hernandez" that they mean the starting pitcher for the Mariners, and I can tell you what a triple is, and the difference between a strike and a ball (I had a fuzzy idea before, but now I can occasionally see what John is talking about when he praises Raul ("RAUUUUUUUUUUL!") for his good eye. I ate a Shishkaberry, and drank a Mike's, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you, John, and I am looking forward to our next game!

Today, however, I bowed out of the festivities. The group, this time including Mike, went to the aquarium and the Sci Fi Museum, but I am enjoying some quiet time at home with Ben. My feet hurt, and my cough is worse. I think a day at home is good for Ben too. I am a bit surprised at my energy today, I am getting a lot done. I think it's because of how active I've been in the last few days, which makes me realize how little exercise I normally get. I am going to make a real effort to plan more walks, maybe asking Natasha if she wants to join me on weekly outings.

Ben is fighting a nap, so I must go.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Two: Yeah....Tomorrow should be fun.

Today we went to the Seattle Zoo. Though I realize it's not zoo season I have to say I was not impressed. A lot of exhibits were closed, or empty. Many of the animals we saw would only presenting their butts to us. Yes, it was a bit cold, and it's only April.

Kaia summed it up well "This doesn't seem like a zoo. 'Cause there's not many animals."

John and I had fun complaining about not having fun, thereby having fun. The kids were mildly less well behaved than yesterday, but not horrible. We made sandwiches, so the only things we had to spend money on were parking and renting the wagon, which Kaia barely used.

I think mostly I am just tired. It was a lot of walking, and my feet hurt. I did have fun hanging out with John and the kids again though.

Tomorrow, it's the Pacific Science Center! AND......

The Mariner's game!


whoops. I MEANT we missed Andrea and Michael. I'm so used to following "Andrea and" with "John" and I was so damn tired yesterday. But I very much missed my husband. I'm glad he gets to go with us Saturday to the Sci Fi Museum and the Aquarium!

Today we are going to the zoo, and possibly renting a wagon. Kaia's ankle still hurts, and is a bit swollen. I can't tell how bad it is, cause she walks differently according to how much she's thinking about it, and who's watching.

Well, I am off to make coffee. It is very much needed.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day One: A Resounding Success

We had a marvelous day today! John and his two, and me and my two, went to Pike Place Market and took an Argosy Harbor cruise. I'd show pictures, but my computer is on the fritz, but I will post them when I can. On the cruise, we saw sea lions! They were resting themselves on the water.

All four kids were awesome, with extremely little, if any, fact, I can't really remember any! We got nuts at the nut shop (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios), fish and chips at Ivar's, mini donuts, and the kids each got a flower. I found Ben a sun hat and a union suit (I justify that purchase in two ways. one, he needed them, and two, I am supporting a local artist(they were hand painted(but washable))) (hee hee. gotta love the parentheses within parentheses within parentheses)

We were out from about noon to about 5 o'clock. We missed Andrea and John, but overall, it was an awesome day.

Tomorrow, the zoo! (I hope Kaia's ankle gets better. She sprained it at the park they went to after the Market. I don't know where they got the energy!)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

planned on writing more, but boyo calls...

Ben is in Kaia's room watching her play. I am sitting on my ass when I should be cleaning, because today John, Kaia, and Liam are coming! I am sad that Andrea couldn't make it this time, but it'll still be a lot of fun. We are getting CityPasses for Seattle - the Pacific Science Center, the Sci-Fi Museum (in the Space Needle, I guess), the zoo, the aquarium, and some sort of hour long cruise. Mike is thinking about taking a day off from work to join us, though we are saving a couple of the things until Saturday even if he doesn't.

I went to Goodwill today in search of baby clothes. Ben is growing out of all his long sleeved stuff, but the weather is not co-operating by getting warmer! I like the one piece outfits with feet best, and found 2 of those, but also got a couple long sleeved onesies, which work too. And! I found two more metal baby spoons, a pasta scoop, and a slotted spoon to replace the one I have that sucks. Wh00t!

Gotta go, Kaia has gotten bored of entertaining Ben, he'll have to watch me clean the kitchen instead....

Sunday, April 06, 2008


What a lazy weekend! I mean, seriously lazy. We have done none of our planned jaunts to Value Village, or Trader Joe's. Mike and Kaia have gone on a sea voyage via the playground play structure, but that was about it. We did not go to the market down the block. We did not go to the library. All of those things will have to be done tomorrow and Tuesday, for on Wednesday, guests will be here!!

I have gotten the main daily cleaning done - dishes and laundry and such. Kaia got her room mostly picked up. Mike worked on a couple projects.

You know, this post was going to have more content, but I am feeling too lazy.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

way too early in the morn

Boyo woke up early this morning, darn him! I was hoping he'd sleep in since Mike wasn't getting up and disturbing him. So here we are, sitting on the couch, me yawning and him playing happily with his turtle. I am now hoping he'll go back to sleep before Kaia gets up so I can sleep a bit more too.

Natasha and her son came over yesterday afternoon and stayed until after dinner. We had a really very wonderful time. I really like her!! Kaia and her son didn't have a single disagreement the entire time, just had a blast making a wreck out of her room! I swear, that girl can make a mess in less time than anyone I know. I am so glad they had so much fun.

Natasha and I just hung out and talked, then we all walked down to the farmer's market/nursery that amazingly enough opened up just down the block! Gonna have to be careful not to go there that often, it's so easy to get to, and the veggies were gorgeous.

oh hey....boyo is looking a bit sleepy....yay!

Natasha is planting a garden this year, so I am going to go help her with that at some point, and just go over to hang out. I have high hopes for this friendship!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Forgot to take a picture while it was still clean...

I've been slowly working on my kitchen, moving things around, getting rid of things I realized I haven't used since way before we moved, putting things on and taking things off the counter. And I think I almost have it how I want it. And this morning, I took one more thing off, and put it aside to sell. Our microwave. I've been using it less and less, and certainly not for cooking real food. Kills vitamins! :-)

But the other day I realized that I've recently only used it for 2 things. Melting chocolate and butter. And both of those things could easily be done on the stove, especially since I have a wonderful little ceramic pot. I talked to Mike, and he said he does only one thing he can't do on the stove, and that's make perfectly round little eggs for egg muffins, and he said he can figure out another way to do that.

So we decided that the microwave took up way too much room for only doing those three things. (Yes, we used it for other things sometimes, but nothing we couldn't use the stove or toaster oven for)

I moved my bread maker and crock pot over there, and freed up a huge amount of counter space! My kitchen is almost perfect...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

"What a happy baby!" they all said. "Yep!" says I.

We had Ben's 6 month well baby check-up today! He weighs 18 pounds 6 ounces. That puts him in the 60th percentile for weight. He's 27 inches long, which is in the 40th. So he's a little short and a little fat! :-)

This is my third time into this clinic, and second time to see the doctor, both for well child visits. I like the doctor fine, I guess. But I really am not impressed with the nurses. First of all, I see a different one each time, plus a different one for the immunizations. What happened to the doctor having his own nurse?!

The doctor himself is cheerful, but the nurses all seem a bit jaded, and the one who gave him his shots this time told me the wrong percentiles! She mixed them up, telling me 18 pounds is in the 40th, and 27 inches is in the 60th. Not a huge deal maybe, but it caused me to request the doctor again, since Ben's weight gain had apparently dropped! The doctor said that didn't sound right and rechecked the weight chart, and noticed that the numbers had been switched.

What's really annoying is that I had mentioned to the nurse that 40% at 18 pounds didn't seem right, but she wasn't at all interested in even thinking about my question, much less re-checking herself. If she had, she would have saved the doctor another trip in! I kind of hope he mentions it to her, not really for that reason, but it's important that she makes sure to impart correct information!

I guess in a way it's good that I'm not totally in love with this clinic, since after we buy a house we'll be switching doctors again. At that time I'll really make an effort to find a doctor- and clinic- that we love, since I'd really like to find one to stay with while the kids grow up.

oh! and something for your amusement. At 18 pounds? Kaia was a year old!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Things I Learned Today

1. BEFORE driving 20 minutes, call Ikea to make sure they have the thing you are wishing to purchase.

2. Before driving 20 minutes to a store you've never been to, check store hours. This will save you from arriving over an hour early.

3. Don't assume you have extra diapers in the diaper bag before driving 20 minutes to a store, waiting over an hour for it to open, THEN deciding to change a poopy diaper. LOOK FIRST.

Wednesday Morning, 7:18am

Andrea's mustang had her baby! Check out pics at! He's very cute!

The bad news is that she won't be able to come visit with John and the kids. I totally understand, and am not at upset with her, but very disappointed. I was really excited about spending time with her again. She is going to plan to come over solo sometime this year, which I look forward to greatly!

John and the kids are still coming over, and we have a busy few days planned! We're going to get CityPasses, which allow us to go to several things for much cheaper. The Seattle Aquarium, The zoo, the Sci-Fi Center (Space Needle), as well as a couple other things. Should be a blast!! John and I discussed me wearing pigtails and trying to be his 5 child, a 12 year old girl, but alas, I am well past being able to pass for pre-pubescent! ;-) So I will have to pay full price for the CityPass.

We also have Natasha and her son coming over on Friday! I've been over to her house a few times, but she's never been here. Kaia has decided on cheese and crackers for a snack. She also requested cooked peas, but I might trade those for fresh ones!

Buy Nothing Month is going well (for it only being the 2nd!) and I made it out of the Botanical Gardens gift shop yesterday without buying a thing! Interestingly enough, even though I saw several adorable things, I wasn't even seriously tempted.