Saturday, April 05, 2008

way too early in the morn

Boyo woke up early this morning, darn him! I was hoping he'd sleep in since Mike wasn't getting up and disturbing him. So here we are, sitting on the couch, me yawning and him playing happily with his turtle. I am now hoping he'll go back to sleep before Kaia gets up so I can sleep a bit more too.

Natasha and her son came over yesterday afternoon and stayed until after dinner. We had a really very wonderful time. I really like her!! Kaia and her son didn't have a single disagreement the entire time, just had a blast making a wreck out of her room! I swear, that girl can make a mess in less time than anyone I know. I am so glad they had so much fun.

Natasha and I just hung out and talked, then we all walked down to the farmer's market/nursery that amazingly enough opened up just down the block! Gonna have to be careful not to go there that often, it's so easy to get to, and the veggies were gorgeous.

oh hey....boyo is looking a bit sleepy....yay!

Natasha is planting a garden this year, so I am going to go help her with that at some point, and just go over to hang out. I have high hopes for this friendship!

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