Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check it out...

Here are some pictures, finally, from John's family visit last week! In no particular order......

Here are the kids at the Experience Music Project.
I didn't go, so can't really talk about the picture.

Here're me and Ben, right before the cruise.

And this is an historic moment....the day I became a Mariner's fan!

Katia in profile. I like this shot. oh...and the Space Needle.

The kids on one of the bronze animals they loved so much.

We saw more of these at the zoo than real animals, so I don't really blame them.

Mike and Kaia. Not sure where, I wasn't there. But aren't they so sweet together!

All the kids on their last day here.
Me and John, embarrassing the kids. Well, Katia at least, and she wasn't so embarrassed she couldn't take our picture.
Ben, discovering grass! He's pretty fond of it.
At the zoo. If you look between me and Katia, you can see a hippo butt. Bronze animals and animal butts. that was the zoo.

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