Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Two: Yeah....Tomorrow should be fun.

Today we went to the Seattle Zoo. Though I realize it's not zoo season I have to say I was not impressed. A lot of exhibits were closed, or empty. Many of the animals we saw would only presenting their butts to us. Yes, it was a bit cold, and it's only April.

Kaia summed it up well "This doesn't seem like a zoo. 'Cause there's not many animals."

John and I had fun complaining about not having fun, thereby having fun. The kids were mildly less well behaved than yesterday, but not horrible. We made sandwiches, so the only things we had to spend money on were parking and renting the wagon, which Kaia barely used.

I think mostly I am just tired. It was a lot of walking, and my feet hurt. I did have fun hanging out with John and the kids again though.

Tomorrow, it's the Pacific Science Center! AND......

The Mariner's game!

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