Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Was handed making....KAHLUA WHIPPED CREAM!

I just juiced all the lemons my mom gave me. I had a LOT, even though she kept a bunch, and gave some to my sister too. They are from my Aunt Carol--her sister has a lemon tree in California. We made lemonade the other day, and Kaia planted a few seeds, despite my pessimistic warnings of our climate and its not-lemon-friendly amount of rain. Tonight I got enough juice for 2 large jars, which I'm freezing. I also made lemon ice cream, though I am not sure it will work out.

THEN. I made Kahlua whipped cream! wonderful stuff people. wonderful stuff. and not related to lemons at all. Oh! but I am eating it with strawberries, which are a citrus fruit, and so are lemons! So there!

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Carol Chen Lord said...

If the seeds work, can you give me one little lemon tree? ML said it won't work here since it's cold, but who knows? Maybe...
Thank you for the cookies. How sweet of you! Did you make them at home or at Sarah's? Dangerous stuff though. We both are on diet!!! ML was really happy being the center of the attention though. We should meet more often!!!