Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Soon....soon now there will be pictures once more....'cause you know what's sexy?! My man sitting at the table fixin' my laptop! Actually, it is now all fixed, he's just cleaning off the thousands of things Toshiba put on there that I don't want. Seriously, there's a shitload of programs on there that I really don't want, need, or will use. Last time it took him an HOUR to clean it off! Wacked out computer company. Anyway, after he gets done, I will post several pictures from the last few days.

John and his kids left a bit ago. It was a really awesome visit! Here are a few (of many!!) moments that stand out for me:

  • Seeing the sea lions on the harbor cruise
  • John's enthusiasm for the Gum Wall
  • Getting lost while following John in downtown Seattle
  • Animal butts at the zoo....more and more and more animal butts
  • Walking along the waterfront with John and all the kids, just spending time
  • The iron-liquid at the Science Center
  • Making....dinner with Mike while John took all 4 kids to dinner

Mostly, it was just fun to hang out with good friends. To discover new places in Seattle to go, and share the experience.

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