Thursday, March 27, 2008


I was reading my perfect day post, and I want to change a few things. First, I won't be going to the fitness center every morning. On mornings I don't, I will still get up at 6, but will just spend some quiet time alone - reading blogs, catching up on email, etc.

Second, I think making lunches for the next day WITH Mike would be more in line with a perfect day.

I forgot I need to go grocery shopping after picking up Kaia so she can watch Ben while I unload the groceries from the car.

After we get a second car, Mike will hopefully be taking Kaia to school. However, she has to be there between 8:15 and 8:30, and he currently starts work at about 7:45, so we'll see.

By the time I am getting this schedule working, Kaia's time to get out of school will have changed, but that's a minor detail.

On another note, Kaia and I found the Magic Tree House books website. There's a part where you can answer 3 questions about each book you read then get a "stamp" for a "passport". I wanted to test her comprehension because I wasn't sure she was really understanding what she reads. But sure enough, she got all the questions right for the books she's read! Even the book she read entirely on her own.

Not really sure what we'll do plans. I am still working on Kaia's room, maybe I'll attempt to hang her curtains.

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