Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring Faire!

So this hat didn't last long, as he hates hats, but it stayed on long enough to take a picture. He loves having his picture taken, so will stop whatever he's doing to grin at the camera!

Kaia and several of her friends listening to a story teller. Kaia says the stories were about "a monster one about 2 princess sisters and there was this guy that changed one sister into a heron and one into a bear and the other story had blackberries they were picking and they heard this rattling and suddenly a monster came out of the broom"

Kaia didn't wear this outfit to the Faire, but she did get this garland and wand there, as well as a fairy tea set, several beads, a shell and two gnome stones.

Here is one of the things I bought...this bracelet was woven by women in Africa. The website is to learn more, and get something if you like! I fell in love with this one, and thanks to mom was able to snatch it up! as well as....
...this wool roving! it's not the best for felting, but it's perfect for fairy hair! on the far left is black though it's hard to see and it goes all the way to white! I love having such a range to choose from! I'll be giving some of this to my mom for her fairy making endeavors! Thanks again mom!

We had a wonderful time at the Faire. It was REALLY hot, but I'm not going to complain, I love it after the long winter and cold spring. Kaia had a blast too, there was a lot of activities for her to do, from digging in sand for treasure, to fishing for treasure, to making her ribbon wand. The heat got to Mike a bit, and he started out tired, so 5 hours was a bit much for him, but he had fun too. When we got home the kids and I got into a bath, and Mike got into a shower, and that cooled us all off and improved 4 out of 4 moods!

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