Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Quick Catch Up

Ben with a teething biscuit....these crumble more easily than I remember...

Ben's first finger foods! Tofu and peas. He liked the tofu (it had miso on it) but wasn't fond of the peas. That was okay since most of them went on the floor anyway. He would get a piece of tofu in his hand, then instead of putting in his mouth, he'd want a pea too, so would try to grab a pea, which made him drop the tofu. He'd drop the pea to grab the tofu again, starting the whole cycle over...

I'd like to get better at posting more often...preferably once a day, but I have been tired and busy lately.

Kaia declined her day off last Friday! She wanted to go to school, which actually made me fee better, since she sometimes complains that she doesn't like school. I guess that's normal for all kids.

Tomorrow is her birthday celebration at school since her birthday falls in the summer. She gets to bring the snack and the teacher provides the cake. She chose grapefruit and Wheat Thins for the snack. Mike is pretty sure he can get the time off to go with me to it, as both parents are invited. Kaia has made clear that "invited" means "it's mandatory you come to my birthday!"

Natasha's first ultrasound is today!!

Also on the pregnancy front, I got most of the supplies for Tania's book. I had to order a few things online, since NONE of the stores I went to had basic pastel card stock! Very strange. I found some really cute things though, I am excited to get started! I also figured out the what the basic layout design is going to be.

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