Thursday, May 29, 2008

gardening (I feel I need quotes around that) update

Here is how my herbs and strawberries are doing. The basil on the left is obviously on its last legs, though I have no idea why...below you will see my NEW basil, bought today at Trader Joe's!

I realized I have still not even looked into recipes that have purple sage (second one on the left) and thyme (second on the right) At least they look pretty!

Here are two of the strawberry plants, showing off their blossoms and berries! I won't get more than a handful this year, but it's a start! Not bad for my first year, and with the only care I give them is sending Kaia out with water a few times a week....

Doesn't this basil look scrumptious?! It made the car smell awesome on the way home. This I have no doubts how to use, and no doubts about how often!! I love basil, mozzarella and tomato sandwiches...mmmmmmmmm...I just have to remember to plant it. Tomorrow, if I have time.

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