Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One! Two! Keep that back straight, boyo!

I like to make sure my kids get plenty of exercise, so I have them on a daily regimen of pushups, situps, and other such calisthenics. Here's Ben showing off his mad push up skillz! Check out that form! He's working on his goal of 100 each day. He figures it can only help in his learning-to-crawl endeavors, which aren't going as quickly as he might like. So far he has figured out that moving one leg forward is the key, but then he forgets about his hands, and goes tumbling face first into the floor. Other times, he figures out the arm bit, but forgets the leg part, so drops to his stomach.
He's not one to give up though, so keep checking back! Not posting probably means I'm busy chasing after him as he dashes madly about the house, creating havoc and causing chaos!


mom said...

love these 'sarging' and the little guy with his little toes, holding up that HUGE BOYO!! Also the one of the two kids in the fort--forts are great, aren't they? They can be brought out on an otherwise crabby day, and totally change that dynamic.

Wanted to ask about the fishies? Is there any story around them? So cool!

Bird said...

So cute!