Monday, July 30, 2007

Various Mutterings

Had a Dr. appt this morning. Went fine, am now going to every two weeks, until week 36, when it'll be every week. We tentatively scheduled the c-section for Monday, October 1st!

Mike and I had an interesting and convoluted conversation this morning on the way into town about Time. Basically, it started out with talking about if time were stopped, but you were still aware of your surrounding - or not stopped with it- then (this was the first part) one, you'd be blind, since the light bouncing off of things into your eyes would be stopped too...and two, that you'd be dead, since all the air around you would be frozen, so you wouldn't be able to breathe. Oh, and three, that you couldn't move, since again, the frozen air around you. The conversation spiralled from there, going into how you could solve those problems. Without going into excruciating detail (the conversation lasted about 40 minutes) it boiled down to needed an EXTREMELY high level of technology. It was a fun conversation.

I finished the last Harry Potter book. Overall, I was quite happy with how it ended. I was also very pleased that I had guessed about Snape's patronus being the doe, and had to listen to Mike laughing off my guess, then having to come back to me and admit I was right!
Snape's ending was sad. I had been hoping all along that he was actually good, and he was, deep down, but it was sad he had to die (though, really, inevitable I think) and even more sad about his unrequited love for Lilly. I still don't get how Lilly ended up with James, since he was such as ass in school.
I loved how she put an epilogue at the end, 19 years later. I knew Ron and Hermione would get together of course, and glad that Harry and Ginny did, too. I was happy he named one of his sons Severus, as well as other sons after other cool characters. I would have liked to hear what happened to other characters, good and bad.
It was sad that Fred, Lupin, and Tonks died, but I think it wouldn't have been realistic to have none of the good guys die in the final battle.
I love how it was all orchestrated by Dumbledore, the wand being taken by Snape with the previous owner's permission, so not to have it take Snape as it's owner, and how Harry ended up being it's owner by default.

We're house sitting for John and Andrea this week. It's going well, despite my previous email about money issues! Kaia enjoys looking for eggs and having the dogs around, though she is pissed she can't ride until Andrea comes back. Even with all the animals and trees, it's a really easy house sitting venture, as Andrea has good systems set up, and it's summer, so almost no supplementing going on.

That's it for now I think....Let me know what YOU thought of Harry Potter!

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the Old Fool, mom said...

.....I could have told you the last line, "All is well" and then you needn't have bought the book! Ah, the wisdom of Age.....