Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hello, you

Just some tidbit updates and weekend plans....

- Baby is doing well. Moves A LOT and I'm always hungry. (except last night, strangely I had no appetite)

- Kaia is having fun at school, and looking forward to starting 1st grade next month. She's also VERY impatient for this baby to get here!

- Mike is finishing up one class, and also starting school next month. HIS LAST SEMESTER!! Wh00t!

- I am switching between being comfortable in the AC at work but restless, to being HOT HOT HOT at home but getting lots of good stuff done. I have organized all the baby stuff I already have, and after my baby shower I think I will be set. There may be one or two things I need after that, but so far so good. I am doing well with my stuff, and the house is consistently picked up.

Weekend Stuff!!

This Friday, Kaia is flying BY HERSELF down to visit my parents. She goes from being ultra-excited to nervous about the flight. I think she'll do fine though, and will be so proud of herself for accomplishing something that's been her goal since she was 4. She and my mom will drive back up here Monday, giving Mike and I a whole weekend to ourselves! Mike has schoolwork he needs to do, but we are going to go to Live Free or Die Hard on Saturday. I am also going to use my wonderful gift certificate Tania gave me and get an hour long massage! I am SO looking forward to that. Sunday will be spend doing more cleaning and organizing, something I am really enjoying doing lately.

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mom said...

tried to vote again on the name thing, but it won't let me--is that because it knows I have already voted? If you choose Will, will there be just two names? Or you could let it be William Bennett Lyle.....very cool sounding......