Friday, July 06, 2007 ROCKS

My first full week of doing stuff is complete. Here are the results!

Usually, on Friday, I start thinking about what I need to do Saturday. It usually consists of HOURS of cleaning. Dishes, ALL the laundry from the week, picking up the chaos in the living room, scrubbing the bathroom, making Kaia clean her room, and any other cleaning thing I have energy for.


Throughout the past week, I've being doing my Morning Routine, which includes Swish and Swipe (more on that in a minute), and putting away dishes. It also includes putting a load of laundry in the washer if there's a full load dirty. I also pick up the living room, which takes about 2 seconds.

Swish and Swipe is this: Every morning after I am done in the bathroom, I grab a washcloth. Under my sink I keep a bottle of homemade glass cleaner. I spray a bit on my cloth and get the dirty spots on my mirror. I do not clean the whole mirror. Then I spray down the counter a bit and just swipe the main areas. I don't do an in depth scrub. With the now damp-with-cleaner cloth, I go to the toilet and wipe down the outside of the toilet, again quickly, not worrying about being perfect. Then I drop a bit of body wash on my toilet brush and sswish it around in the toilet bowl. I throw the cloth in the laundry, and I am done! My bathroom looks clean, and I have spent maybe 4 minutes total on it.

Evening Routine includes putting washed laundry in dryer, then putting away the clean clothes, picking up living room, and doing the day's dishes. Mike has been doing this with me, and it's a wonderful time to talk with my husband about our day! Wiping off the kitchen counters is included in that.

My house is not PERFECT, but it is FAR cleaner than usual, and I realized this morning that I have maybe an hour of work tomorrow, and that will be used to do things I don't always do, such as vacuum and dust! My bathroom is fine, and my kitchen is clean, dishes done. Laundry has been done all week, so only have to do my usual Morning Routine there.

I love it. Mike loves it. Kaia isn't living in chaos, and now I can enjoy my Saturday!

I haven't been doing ALL of the things Flylady suggests. I have been taking Baby Steps, and not trying to be perfect, which is what she teaches. I am slowly trying to add new habits instead of changing up my whole system at once and getting overwhelmed.

I am finally feeling successful at a cleaning goal!

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mom said...

so glad to hear the Fly Lady is working for you! How wonderful to have that time on the weekend to really relax. Good for you!