Saturday, July 21, 2007

Up too early on a Saturday

Kaia's plan ride went very well! I can't believe I'm the mother of someone who has taken a plane trip alone! The milestones just keep piling up.....

Going to get a massage today! I am so looking forward to it, I haven't had a massage in a long time. I did have a Reiki-massage combo thing, but that, though cool, was a bit different. This will be 60 full minutes of nothing but laying on a table while someone rubs all the aches out of my muscles...mmmmm.....

Going to Live Free or Die Hard today, the 4th Die Hard movie. I love Bruce Willis. Tomorrow we are going to Harry Potter with Andrea and John. Will also probably go buy the last book today. Or Monday, if the bookstore is overly crowded with people who are more obsessed than I am...which is a lot, I like Harry Potter, but am not obsessed to find out what happens to him.

So I am a phone geek...can't help it when you sell them. I had an entire dream last night that centered around cell phones. I found a really cool orange one that went over your last three fingers (separately) and you just left it there while going about your business. Kinda robot-ish. John was in it, of course, since he's a bigger phone geek than I am, and he was helping me to figure out how to use it.

well, that was a boring update.

oh! I am now following Wil Wheaton on If it's really him, of course, but it seems fairly real. He is the first famous person I am following. Andrea had a big crush on him when he was on Star Strek as...what was his name? my gosh....anyway, it brings back fun memories...

they don't seem to have teen magazines like they did back then...Tiger Beat, and......okay, that's the only one I can remember...the celebrity crushes I had were Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Johnny Depp, of course, but he's still a celebrity I'd do in a heartbeat. I remember papering the walls of my back yard playhouse in pictures. There was a tool shed in our back yard with a little playroom on top, it was really cool. Lots of memories from that little house... doing chemistry with Wendy...teaching Andre and Anya, two neighbor kids, how to read....sleepovers with Sarah....hanging out for hours in there....I need to build something like that for my kids when we have our own house.

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