Monday, July 30, 2007


Kaia has a bracelet that has been her "most special-est, favorite-est thing in the whole world" for WEEKS now. She doesn't take it off unless she absolutely HAS to, and has managed not to lose it despite taking it to school every day.

So what possible explanation does she have for why she gave it to "Amy at school" to wear "just for a while", and then forgot to ask for it back, so now Amy has taken it home, possibly never to remember to bring it back?! Causing tearful hysteria when said bracelet is remembered on the way home?!

"She asked me for it."

The power of No, child. Use it. I know you know how.

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your mum said... is so hard to discern when to use "no" and when to share, as she has been taught.....even for an adult this distinction can be a difficult one. I am sure you must have told her she was sweet to want to share, but it is good to be able to say "no" too. Tough call for a little girl who is trying to be kind and popular. Perhaps you could get Amy's number from the teacher and call her mum?