Monday, July 02, 2007


- Had a Dr. appt. today. I gained 10 pounds, weighing in at 141. I now weigh just 7 pounds less than I did at full term with Kaia.

- My daughter, however, has barely gained half a pound in the last year.

- Kaia picked up a HUGE daddy long legs today, and was not in the least bit scared.

- A man walked through the store and into the mall today carrying a pair of handcuffs.

- I was mean at the Dr.'s office today, and made fun of my husband when I shouldn't have.

- He hasn't mentioned it, and I hope he's forgotten.

- It's my friend Mike's birthday today! Happy birthday Mike!

- He has joined me in this 4th decade of our lives.

- My feet sweat ALL the time.

- Only while I'm pregnant.

- I need to get off my ass and get stuff done.

- seriously.

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