Thursday, September 07, 2006

update tidbits

Kaia has returned to wearing dresses and skirts only.

My lettuce seems to be doing well, but I have no frame of reference. I'd post a pic for outside review, but I'm afraid my lettuces would be laughed at, and I'm not sure their fragile egos could handle it.

Work with Carol is going well. The first book is almost finished, just a slight bit of editing on my part left to do. Starting on next book on Monday.

Went and saw the potential house today. Unfortunately, I have no idea which way I am leaning. There are a few definite downsides, well, mainly one. There are some upsides. Still ruminating.

I'm really missing everyone back in Vancouver. Friends, family, the works. I miss you guys. More than I let you know.

I have eaten oatmeal two mornings in a row. Eating oatmeal every morning has been an unspoken goal this past week. Gotta get those lost pounds back on, plus some. Also restarting the Snickers-a-day diet.

I realize every day how lucky I am in this life. My families-both the one in which I am a child and the one in which I am a parent- are so rare in their abundance love and support. I have so many things to be thankful for, so much joy to see right in front of me.

gotta go, Kaia's crying about something. and she needs a bath. goodnight, all.


mom said...

pounds lost?!? As your mama, this is not making me happy!! What would you think about going to your Doc and asking for weight gain suggestions? The snickers a day is fun, and adds the pounds, but maybe there is a healthier way? A protein bar a day?

mom said...

love this entry, we are so lucky, aren't we? I love you so very much, and am glad you see the blessings in life!! Kaia is so funny not to wear pants again!!!!! LOL!!!!! any reason given?