Monday, September 11, 2006

Kaia's first swimming lesson in her new level was today. She is in the big pool now, which she was a bit nervous about, until she found out Helena, a friend from school, is in her class, then she was all smiles and excitement. Helena's mom and I talked, which was SO much better than sitting there bored the whole time. I like her mom- can't remember her name, must ask-though she is a bit intense. That's okay, I come from a long line of intense women!

anyway, she said she'd had Helena in private lessons, and that they were really good. The aquatic center also offers semi-private lessons, in which two kids share a teacher for half an hour. The cost is only slightly more than the public lessons, in which 5 kids share one teacher for 50 minutes---so that's 10 minutes overall per kid!! Compared to 15 minutes overall per kid, which isn't a huge difference, but they get more one on one time.... She said if I was interested, next session we could do that. Sounds great to me! It's only once a week, so would have more time at home, or could take her to the public swim once a week too.

alright, it's time to go read with Kaia....have a good night y'all!

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