Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am a bubble head!

oh for bob's sake.

I just backed up my blog onto my computer, and read snippets of entries here and there. My head is a sieve, I swear. I write posts vowing to start this and that, and to blog about it daily, then not only never blog about it, but never remember to do it! I say I am going to write down what I spend. forget about it. I ask for advice on what to write. forget to take it. I remembered my Simplicity Lessons that I only did one lesson in...then forgot them. I just flit through life picking up causes and ideas and goals then blithely toss them aside to mold! sigh.

I wish I knew HTML, then I could write side lists like with MSN Spaces.....Hopefully next summer Mike can write our personal blog site with everything I want!

Will catch up on my activities (Kaia had so much fun in the play!) tomorrow. No promises on catching up on promised posts though. still very busy.

have a good night folks!


mom said...

you are your mother's daughter, and I my father's daughter, and he, the son of an inventor.....you get the drift.

Lists (hard-copy) are wonderful things. Just don't misplace them. I must use them or I forget who I am and what my SS# is. Let alone where I live and who this wonderful man in the house is.

Tinidian said...

sounds like you may have some interesting topics to choose from for your essay.