Friday, September 08, 2006

I want to whine. I want to complain about how some people use LOGIC and REASONS and all that crap to make THOUGHT-OUT decisions that ARE NOT what I want. I want to bitch about the fact that the MAIN reason (now that we are all being honest here) that I want to move is not a good enough one to outweigh all the reasons we shouldn't. I want to rant about how when designing these damn apartments they didn't TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION that NO ONE should build a north facing patio JUST IN CASE one of their tenants may want to grow their own vegetables. Or give me SOME space in front. just a few square feet. Drat this whole having-to-be-responsible gig! I WANT A GARDEN DAMMIT.


Carol said...

Starting take notes for your next move (sooner or later, right?) so you can find a place you really really want and need, plus Mike and Kaia's wishes too.
So you can be happy for a long long time.
I feel excited for you already.

Mom said...

remember your goal, dear one? Do not let it out of sight. It will be a shining one, and you will look back on all this and love your memories. It is hard, I know. But keep heart, you are strong. Maybe still do some garden? Sure!