Saturday, September 23, 2006

we're at the end of the movie. I've turned on my laptop to IMDB the flick (that's whose voice that is!!).

The end credits play.

Kaia jumps up, and begins to boogie. she says something I don't catch. "I'm busy, darlin'" I say, my eyes on the monitor. (looking up the trivia)

She shakes her booty into the dining room. I hear her talking to her daddy. She comes back, he follows. "dance Daddy! dance!"

I look up and he grins at me.

"Mom! come on! get up and dance with Daddy!"

"I'm bu--" I look at her, shaking what she's got.

I put down my laptop, get up, and grab my husband around the waist.

"No mom! you hold your hands like this!" she holds one hand at shoulder level, the other at waist level, waltz style. The music is hip-hop, forest critter style. alrighty then.

My husband and I move to the beat. Our daughter bounces up and down beside us.

"dance with us!" I say, laughing.

"no, no! you dance together! kids don't dance with grownups!"


"oh come on, dance with us!" we each hold out a hand.

"No!" She is happy though, grinning, laughing, bouncing.

She grabs our clasped hands and yells "1, 2, 3, lift me up!!" Mike does, then lowers her down, as she giggles.

After a few minutes the song changes...another critter hoe-down.

Mike and I stop dancing together, and we dance in a group of three.

We boogie, we groove. (though no awards would be won)

Life, you know, is good. yes it is

yes it is.

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