Sunday, September 10, 2006

I gotta get to bed...but first....

Hello All! Welcome to the weekend update!

Yesterday, Saturday, I tragically woke up to find out that we were out of coffee. Tea failed to suffice. Didn't get a whole lot of cleaning done, but did get some more mesclun and lettuce mixes planted. Kaia and I were going to once again attempt to make sugar cookies, but found we were out of vanilla. We made cupcakes instead.

Today, after yet again not getting much cleaning done, Kaia and I headed out to Andrea's, leaving Mike to get some of his never-ending, ever-increasing homework done. We had a wonderful time!!

First, Andrea, Katia and I went riding out on the road, me on Dani, Katia on Coda, and Andrea on Soxy. Had such fun, trotted and POSTED!! I'm sure I messed it up, having almost no actual knowledge on how it works, but it felt good, and I trotted for longer than I normally do! Dani gives this wonderful "what now?!" look whenever I asked her to stop. She's awesome.

Then when we got back from that, Andrea and I switched horses, and Andrea ponied (that means held a lead rope while riding) Coda, and Kaia rode Coda. We just went around the property that time. Kaia had a blast, though I kept worrying she was going to fall of. She didn't of course. She LOVES riding...need to get her another lesson.

We had a delicious pesto pasta dinner, and cookies for dessert. John's chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best!

I need to get to bed early tonight, get ready for another week. Kaia starts swimming again this week, and she's in the big pool with big kids this time! She's a bit nervous, but will warm up quickly I think. I bought her a new pair of goggles as a surprise.

Have a wonderful Monday, folks, and be sure to notice all the good things in your life.

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