Monday, September 18, 2006

A Great Day for Kaia

two awesome things happened for Kaia today.

1. She auditioned for a community play "Beauty Lou and the Country Beast". It's apparently a country version of the story, with a rodeo and all. Kaia got a part of a "Farm Critter" she is of course hoping to be a horse, but we won't find out until Wednesday.

It was hard watching her up there! I wanted to help her out..."honey, they want you to do this...honey, you can do that!! You do that all the time!" She started out very quiet, but got into it later. I was very proud of her- the group audition was two hours long, and she sat up on the stage with the other kids the whole time, and was very calm and quiet.

The performance is Friday! Wish her luck!

2. She swam....wait for it.....the ENTIRE length of the big pool, by HERSELF. The teacher was next to her, and two or three times had to steady her for a second or straighten her out, but the ENTIRE length was under her own power and floatation skills! She also jumped off the diving board, no fear!

GO KAIA! You ROCK, my child.

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mom said...

I am so full of pride for your little Kaia!! I read this to Dad too, and he is exclaiming loudly! What a great little person she is, and I cannot say it enough--she has the best parents a girl could ever have. Pass on to Mike.

We both love you three so much! We are so fortunate to have you as our child, grandchild and son.