Saturday, September 02, 2006


You know, you would think a university would understand the need for a consistent internet connection. You would also think they would understand the concept of firewalls.

Nope on both counts. The U that Mike goes to apparently feels that neither are necessary or even rational to ask for.

One excellent reason to move the few miles is this.

Here are all the pros and cons that I can think of right now....


More space
Better internet connection!!

More garden space
Walk in closets
Bigger kitchen
Dishwasher (I think)
Air conditioning!


Higher rent
More expensive Internet
Lawn to mow/water
Water/sewer/garbage not paid
Have to pack
Mike would have to ride the bus
Not right next to pre-school

We are going to look at it on Wednesday. There is still only one bathroom, but there is a third room, but no closet in it. Walk in closet in the main bedroom.

The gardening situation here isn't good at all. I'd be able to have more containers there.

decisions. you know, I'm really lucky to have these sort of decisions to make.

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