Friday, September 22, 2006

whew! Having fun though...

busy busy busy week. did I mention how busy my week has been!? (and Aunt Carol, I love doing the lessons, so stop worrying!)

Here is how my week has gone so far. and? except for the head cold, I've enjoyed it all.

Monday- did dishes, dropped Kaia off at school, went to work, picked Kaia up at kindergarten (after calling because I actually had no idea what time kindergarten is over. three, in case you are interested.) , took her to the community play audition, then we rushed to swimming lessons, came home, fed her some sort of unacceptable dinner, did my nightly lesson. (reminder, these are not lessons that I am doing as a student, but as a writer and editor. (how snotty about it can I get?!)) then bathed and went to bed.

Tuesday - dishes, Kaia to school, me to work, picked up Kaia, went to Andrea's for dinner and to watch Liam, came home, put Kaia to bed, did lesson.

Wednesday - woke up early, did dishes, dropped Kaia off at school, went to work, took phones to our other store, (somewhere in there I realized I forgot my damn phone at work), picked Kaia up at preschool, rushed to rehearsal, then to swimming, picked up my phone at work, got Kaia's hair trimmed for school pics on Thursday, went home, made another unacceptable dinner, put Kaia to bed, did lesson. did NOT bathe, went to bed.

Thursday - Woke up with sore throat. took Kai to school, went to store to get paper grocery bag for costume storage and sore throat drops, went to work, picked up Kaia from kindergarten, went to UPS, found out needed to go to other UPS, didn't have time, went to rehearsal, came home, made dinner (sort of), did lesson, went to store for more cold stuff, stronger this time, and bread plus various groceries, came home, bathed, went to bed.

Today - got up early to make Kaia's lunch for dress rehearsal today, packed her bag for Swim & Gym at preschool, forgot to have her actually wear her bathing suit under her clothes, made coffee which I then forgot to bring, drank Theraflu, took Kaia to preschool, came to work. Plan for rest of day - pick up Kaia at kindergarten, take her to rehearsal. stay there until they start actual dress rehearsal, then I get kicked out and need to go to correct UPS place. Then go home, either take a nap or do dishes, depending on how I feel, then get Mike, and go to play!

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