Saturday, September 30, 2006

alright people, I'm fine... :-)

I get melancholy when it's late and I've just finished a sad book. I'm really okay though.

got some cleaning done today, though could definitely do some more...if I weren't feeling so lazy. It's a beautiful day outside! sunny and warm.

We're going grocery shopping in a bit, need to go over to the next town so I can try to find some spelt bread for Mike, who's trying not to eat wheat because of his Ulcerative Colitis.

Then we are heading over to Andrea's to spend the night. Mike is staying here to get some work done. Tomorrow I'm helping paint their trim on their house. Tonight we drink mead! yum.

We are thinking of getting the Nintendo Wii as a family Christmas gift. There's some kid games available, and you can also buy old Nintendo games through it for $5-$15! I like car games. It's a really cool system, much more interactive than old consoles. We will see, it's not a sure thing yet. And you know Mike and I have SO much time to play video games!

damn it! I just saw the spider that got away from Mike earlier, but by the time Mike came in to get him, he disappeared again. It cracks me up, Kaia is not afraid of spiders, though she doesn't like them. I get off the couch if one is on the curtains, She climbs up and puts her face three inches from the creature. "yep" she says "he's a biter!"

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