Sunday, September 17, 2006

A favorite day of the year.

all right, here's the play by play of our day yesterday.

We met Andrea's family at around 11, and started by checking out the goats and cows. Kaia really loves the livestock part of the fair, though not as much as the rides of course!

We were all pretty hungry, and lo and behold! Gyros!! Kaia had her first gyro, and loved it. We also shared an elephant ear, but the people at that fair always are the same, and they over cook them...and make them too thin, which is why they are over cooked I think.

Then it was off to the rides! We bought armbands, and the kids started out on the bears--kind of a tilt-a-whirl in a bear belly. Those kind of rides make me nauseas, so I took pics. (an email to friends and family will follow when the pics are on my online site).

The kids went on a few more kiddie rides, the balloons being the favorite by far of Katia and Kaia. Liam was a bit scared at first, but after a couple of times on the dragons, where he had control of whether it went up, he remembered the joy and had fun on some others. Kaia and I went down the slide a couple times, but on that end of the park that's the only one I can do. Kaia went on the small roller coaster, sat in front (like you should on any coaster!) and then we all went on the carousel.

We decided to head over to the other, big ride side of the park. Katia braved the Tornado with her family, while Liam, Kaia, and I watched. Kaia went on all the big rides that she was tall enough to go on, and then Andrea and I decided to try the zipper! That's a ride I've never been on, but I figured it would be okay since instead of spinning side to side, you spin head over feet, which doesn't make me sick. (go figure)

The first time we went on it, we had a sane ride operator, and though of course I screamed at the fun parts, I wasn't fearful of my life. Later, we went on it again, and the carnie in charge was pissed about something, and possibly on drugs, or had been at some point in his life until it seriously affected his brain. He started and stopped it with intensity, and ran it like he was seriously trying to kill us. We also noticed a few extra creaks, grinds, and clunks in the machinery that had not been present before. Had fun this time as well, but was a bit more....terrifying.

The ferris wheel. Always a fun, calm ride. This ride could have been a sedative. This was, no joke, the SLOWEST ferris wheel I have EVER been on. I didn't realize it could GO that slow. I'm serious here, it was LAUGHABLE. The line and the ride took forever.

Kaia won a turtle by catching a duck, and a ladybug by popping some balloons. She went through the mirror "maze" about 9 times, and ate a caramel apple and some popcorn.

We looked at Katia's artwork, and checked out the cows and pigs. Kaia and I shared a philly cheese steak. The kids went on more rides, and more.

Afterwards, we went out for Mexican food, yum!! Got home around 9, and went to bed!!!

Can't wait til next year!

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mom said...

what did katia have in the fair? what kind of artwork? How cool! And was the turtle she won alive?!? I sure hope not, poor thing. sure sounds like y'all had a blasterooni! next year I wanna visitwhen you have the fair! Kay?